Campamento de la selva: una estrella, lágrimas e Indira se fueron

Jungle camp: a star, tears and Indira left

Jungle camp: a star, tears and Indira left

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On the 14th day of the jungle camp, the five jungle candidates proved that they can also show real feelings: A torrent of tears shed after reading letters from relatives …

Jay Khan jumped into the water with the star.

During the day, the last five jungle residents Peer Kusmagk, Jay Khan, Indira “Jones”, Thomas Rupprath and Katy Karrenbauer had nothing to laugh about anymore. After the camp split up and there was little bonding, the jungle camp relied on teamwork for the “Tarzan and Jane” jungle test.

The candidates balanced over the jungle lake on the liana trapeze. At a supposedly favorable moment, they jumped up and tried to land on a star. But not even the self-proclaimed “Tarzan” Jay Khan could shine in this test. In the end, it was only enough for one star.

After the anger over the failed jungle test, the jungle camp still gave a bounty to the residents. The inmates of the jungle camp had been eagerly awaiting this. Their relatives sent some lines of encouragement that the neighbors read among themselves. In the light of the campfire, the jungle dwellers got really sentimental.

Peer Kusmagk cries by the campfire.

A happy ending could not be expected on this day full of tears, however, the spectators did not give Indira and Jay Khan’s love a chance and chose the brunette from the jungle camp. What will Jay “Tarzan” Khan do for the rest of the time? But perhaps it does not have to be separated from Indira so long.

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Image Source: (c) RTL / Stefan Menne