Campamento de la jungla: todos contra Sarah Knappik

Jungle Camp: All Against Sarah Knappik

Jungle Camp: All Against Sarah Knappik

Climbing in the jungle

wantedthe 25/01/2011 | 09:55

At the jungle camp yesterday it was about the disputes between Sarah Knappik and the other residents of the jungle. The Bochum model even accused Jay of only trying to interpret the romance with Indira.

Jay Khan and Sarah Knappik in the “jungle camp”

In the “jungle camp” it was hot last night, the exam in which Indira assured that all the participants had a full stomach was only a minor matter. In the foreground of yesterday’s program was the dispute between Sarah Knappik and the other residents of the camp. They wanted nothing more than a life in the jungle without the 24-year-old and her hostile behavior.

After Sarah Knappik provoked a heated discussion, the situation in the “jungle camp” escalated very quickly. Everyone, without exception, spoke to the 24-year-old and made it clear that they no longer wanted her in the camp. Mathieu Carrière even begged the Bochum model on her knees to leave the show, but Jay Khan in particular expressed his annoyance at the pain in his butt.

Sarah Knappik’s response was not long in coming, she explained to everyone that there was no reason for her to go home, after all it was not her problem if others were upset about her. When the discussion threatened to escalate even further, Knappik quickly brought the issue up to Jay Khan. He claimed that Jay Khan visited his home before the “jungle camp.” He reportedly asked her to start an affair with him in the Australian jungle to get the show’s attention. As Sarah allegedly refused, Jay had to turn to Indira Weis to put his plan into action.

Jay Khan claimed to be unaware of any of this, but Sarah remained true to her testimony. When all the jungle dwellers, with the exception of Peer and Rainer, finally believed Jay, they gathered in the video room. There, celebrities demanded the expulsion of the model, because they would no longer stay with her in the “jungle camp.” At the end of yesterday’s broadcast, surprisingly, no one was sent home, but someone wants to leave the camp of their own free will. Who she is has yet to be revealed, but it wouldn’t be surprising if it was Sarah.

Image Source: RTL / Stefan Menne