Ich bin ein Star, holt mich hier raus 2020 Dschungelprüfung

Jungle Camp Day 12: Wild Turtle with Camp Fever

Ich bin ein Star, holt mich hier raus 2020 Dschungelprüfung

Actually, Prince Damien’s task was clear: collect stars in the jungle test called Würg-Stoffcenter. He works together with Wendler-Ex Claudia (“We are Team Black and Gold! Whoooooh!”) Pretty good too. Of eight possible stars, the two chosen accumulate a whopping six. A rich dinner is guaranteed at the camp.

Hot hot hot!

Especially Prince Damien starts out as the fire department. Powered by a full hormonal high. Because before taking the exam, the native South African is on fire by one of the forest rangers. “Uuuuh, it looks good,” said the 2016 DSDS winner. Even more: “My rivets are getting hot.” Then he can barely contain himself with a glance at the two rangers present. “They are all so hot. Can I take one home with me? ”He squeals in the direction of the moderating duo Sonja and Daniel.

When they don’t give him a really satisfying answer, he switches to the direct flirting offense after passing the test. “You are single? You are single? ”He screeches in the direction of his determined Jack of Hearts. He is silent. But for Prince Damien there is no reason to give up. “What is your name?”, The candidate wants to know, and actually gets an answer. But Tom does not feel like long conversations and runs away. “Everyone is very shy in Australia,” says Prince Damien, disappointed. But he remains combative: “Maybe I will be chosen for the test next time. Then I will try again. “Good luck boy!

Scavenger hunt reloaded

With the weather in the camp showing its best side again today, there is a new edition of the scavenger hunt that was canceled the day before. Instead of the selected Venus trap, Sonja, this time Läster Elena is part of the party, along with Trödel-Markus and Mallorca-Danni. It could be exciting, thinks the leaning viewer. For Elena, Danni is the pure enemy in the camp. Teamwork for people who hate each other. What party!

But it is different. The game of treasure hunt is mastered with routine, which also surprises Junk Hannes: “There are still signs and wonders happening,” he watches and drags the treasure he has won through the jungle to base camp.

Once there, the great educational shock. Before the expected reward can be taken out of the insured box, a question must be answered: “Where do you fly the longest from Frankfurt am Main?” A: Munich? o B: Melbourne? Elena’s first reaction: “Oh, I have no idea.” External shame factor 100.

A wild discussion ensues as to whether it could be a joke question and Prince Damien also reveals that he apparently dropped out of geography early in high school: “Where is Melbourne?” Help … really? However, in the end, the campers agree with answer B and can expect a chocolate spread. Pure happiness.

Bad bad campers!

And like every year, RTL does everything possible shortly before the end of the show to cause even more frustration at camp. Because jungle campers have committed multiple rule violations in recent days, they have to turn in all of their approved luxury items, such as pillows, makeup mirrors, and earplugs to RTL.

“What rubbish,” Motz-Queen Elena rushes to 180. But you already know that from her. And Danni also states in the direction of the creators of RTL: “That sucks a bit”, but it does not help. The next few days will be a bit harsher with predicted temperatures of up to 34 degrees and 80 percent humidity.

IBES Day 11 – What else happened?

  • Anastasiya reveals that she used to deliberately iron holes in her husband’s clothes. Your goal: not to have to iron anymore. “Lifehack,” he announces with a smile. You can do it like this, but you don’t have to …

  • Raúl wants to stop Elena’s blasphemous attacks and strengthen the team spirit. Elena’s reaction: “There are small groups. That cannot be changed. ” And also: ”That will get worse. It will not improve ”. End of the climbs for the Swiss? It was not to be expected.

  • Elena confronts former boxer Sven because he gets into a discussion about rule violations with the words “piano, piano.” “No one has to screw me like this in the morning. I’ll say what I want ”. And Miss Short Fuse continues to rumble: “I hate when a person picks me up where they shouldn’t interfere.” Later he poisoned Prince Damien: “It might scare me! He thinks he’s the king of the jungle ”. To describe DSDS prince Sven brushing his teeth, Elena imitated the world boxing champion as a monkey. Through his boxing, he seems “… like a psychopath. And you want to tell me how to speak? He doesn’t have to interfere. ” His conclusion: “Now an argument is inevitable. Now they all show their true colors. The masks are falling now. “Snake!
  • After moving, Sonja settles accounts with the jungle camp: “People left me nothing. It is a jungle of hypocrisy, “he tells the RTL camera.
  • Before moving in, Sonja says goodbye to all the campers, but not Danni and Anastasiya. Also driven by Elena. She says, “You don’t need to say goodbye to others. Fuck them. Have your pride ”. Clear message.

howled: 1. Danni (after thanking the spectators for allowing her to stay at the camp. 2. Elena (after being forced to deliver luxury items)

threw up: nobody (so completely; Prince Damien was close to him during the jungle test due to seemingly not so pleasant smells)

Is out: Anastasiya (who really should have left the day before yesterday)

The best sayings of the jungle camp on the 11th

  • Sonja Zietlow ambiguous during the jungle test: “Oh, the Schniepel [der Box] is turned off “. Prince Damien, surprised: ”Oh, mine? “
  • Danni on a “new” mission before the treasure hunt: “Now I can open my mouth. My appearance! “Finally! We don’t even know …
  • Raúl very romantically: “Project Prinz – myself Prince couple – is being approached. I think Prince has to be paired. Otherwise it won’t work. “
  • Insightful Sonja: “As soon as you get out of the jungle, you’re back in the real world.” Shit, really?