Jungle Camp Día 16: Solo puede haber un rey de la jungla

Jungle Camp Day 16: There can only be one king of the jungle

Jungle Camp Day 16: There can only be one king of the jungle

The focus of the last edition of IBES in 2020 was three jungle exams. For each of the three remaining campers, former world boxing champion Sven, Mallorca-Danni and prince DSDS, a different one. And, of course, RTL had come up with a scenario for each of the three that could cause the most problems. Lots of animals for Danni, culinary delights for Sven, and vermin, including smelly liquids for Prince Damien.

Danni fails – again

Each of the three test items fights for five stars in their challenge. The goal: a real culinary delight for a festive dinner on the last night at camp. For the first three stars, Danni fights for the entrees, Sven for the main and Prince Damien for the dessert. If you get four stars, you can expect your personal favorite drink with your meal. Cola, beer, wine, ginger ale … anything is possible. And if you manage to collect five stars, you will get a personal gift with your food.

Danni begins. He has to put his head in a glass helmet and both hands in a glass box. Both containers are gradually filled with different jungle animals. Your task: use an Allen key to loosen the screw of a star and collect it. It does not work.

Helmet 1: cockroaches. Büchner’s widow whimpers because the animal populates her face. It trembles like an aspen leaf and cannot lift the star off. So we go to the next round. Helmet and box are exchanged. Spiders are the next animal challenge. Once again, the inner restlessness of the otherwise blatant mother of five can be seen more clearly, again experiencing crushing defeat. Moderator Sonja tries to help (“Okay Danni, think about it, what’s the Allen key for?”), But it’s useless.

When he saw snakes and rats in the boxes for the next two rounds, he immediately started rocking. “No! I immediately panic, I just have to look at them. ” But it still gets a star. In the last second. In a box with green ants. A starter for the evening is guaranteed. Later she reveals: “I don’t let snakes or rats go through my head for money in the world.” Thanks, you’re out!

Sven also fails (almost) on the entire line

For Sven, it goes to the jungle buffet. There are five dishes on the menu. “There is no no. I will always try everything, “he says on the way to the jungle party in the direction of RTL viewers. And minutes later he thinks he shouldn’t have said that. “Right now I feel very bad. Because you want to torture me, ”he reveals as he sits down at the wooden table.

It begins with the eye of a cow. Sven fails. “Like rubber, you can’t swallow it.” Band 2: A giant worm in a hanging box with countless flies. Sven has to stick his head in this wooden box. He refuses. “That is inhuman. That’s perverted, ”he said. “I leave. You have to be true to yourself. How was that, champion of days gone by? There is no?

Even more surprising is that he mastered his third gear: a spider with a spider brood sac. Disgust factor 100! Fourth course: sheep placenta. After a little lick, it breaks. “No, you are completely disturbed!” Same scenario for mashed pork lung in the final course. Choking and gasping, he spits it all out after a few sips. With the words “Shame and goodbye” he leaves the stage with a single star. And that in the grand finale. Sven, we expected more from you.

Prince Damien delivers

Third candidate, third jungle exam. Prince Damien has to compete on the “wheel of luck”. And, how could it be otherwise, he only has eyes for the rangers on the margins of the set. Even when he is tethered to the bicycle by one of his determined hearts, he continues to flirt happily: “Can I get your number?” And also affirms: “I could get used to that.”

But there is not much time for rapprochement. Because the record player starts to move. In several rounds, among other things, “jungle chimneys”, fish waste and mealworms flood it. The singer yells and screams with his mouth closed. You can secure the stars by breaking huge piñatas with a club. “Window paste, Mom, Mom. My God ”, the singer complains. But it is smart. In the end, it got four out of five stars. Well done!

However, his greatest wish has not come true. “It’s time for a kiss,” she whispers to the ranger who wants to untie him from the wheel of bad luck. Rejected!

Prince Damien new king of the jungle

We summarize: Danni and Sven disappoint, Prince Damien does not. The voting audience is accordingly. The annoying “Danni Show” lands in third place, Normalo Sven secures second place and the prince of DSDS becomes the king of the jungle. Sometimes life is still fair after all. Performance must be rewarded.

That there could only be this king of the jungle in 2020 becomes clear when you hear Prince Damien say the following sentence: “This is about us and not about anything else. It is a world in which I prefer to live than the one outside ”. Memorized? Maybe. But somehow you buy him that he really means it.

And so it is not surprising that in the end, after sitting on the jungle throne of RTL’s tree house, with tears of joy he still has to announce a message: 20,000 euros of his 100,000 euro prize money to him like the wildfires that ravaged Australia. donate. For all that Australia has given him over the past two weeks. What a great gesture.

RTL and McDonalds: this is a successful partnership

And then there was this: GZSZ-Raúl and Trödel-Markus, both chosen from the camp on the penultimate day, can hug their teammates. While Markus is left in a normal restaurant and above all the beer of his companion awaits him there, the actor goes to the “Golden M”.

And the viewer at home wonders: what the heck did McDonalds pay for this product placement? Not only is it surprising that the company logo of the American fast food giant on the facade is clearly captured on camera. Even the meticulous, perfectly prepared Big Mac that Raúl is allowed to eat is pretty much everything, but not what you know about McDonalds in everyday life. But hey… free.

The best sayings in the final jungle camp 2020

  • Sven to Prince Damien very friendly: “I’m very proud of you, cool boy.”
  • Prince Damien falls in love before the jungle test: “Now I’m motivated. Not just for the stars, but also for the many rangers. “
  • Sven Prince Damien as Dad: “Sometimes you are a bit naive, aren’t you?”
  • Sven was upset during his last jungle test: “You are bad people. All!”
  • Danni on the jungle phone after reaching the final: “I already feel a little good.”
  • Analytical Sven: “That was a crazy positive experience here.”
  • Markus’ partner after the first reunion: “You smell a little strong.”
  • Danni nostalgically at camp: “I won’t miss your flies when I’m outside.”

Howled: Danni (after reaching the final), Danni (on the jungle phone), Prince Damien (after his win), presenter Sonja (when Prince Damien tearfully announces that he wants to donate € 20,000 to Australia)

Threw up: Sven (a little, after drinking pureed pork lung)

They are outside: Danni and Sven

King of the Jungle 2020: Prince Damien