Jungle Camp - Día 7: Escalada debido a un vaso de orina de vaca

Jungle Camp – Day 7: Climbing due to a glass of cow urine

Jungle Camp - Day 7: Climbing due to a glass of cow urine

The day before yesterday they crawled hand in hand during the jungle test through the shit. Now they are the biggest enemies. Or not? The relationship between Büchner’s widow, Danni, and the permanent curmudgeon Elena is a mystery. But one after another.

On the seventh day at the jungle camp, both celebrities had to retake the jungle test. This time: “Coffee and curses”: a food test. Here’s the 6-course menu in quick succession:

  1. “Black Forest Cake” (pureed pig testicles, fermented soybeans, fly larvae, garnished with a fish eye)
  2. “Jungle Plum Crumble” (cake base made from 3-grain flour: mealworm, roach and cricket puree along with vomit fruit and roach crumble)
  3. “Fruit tart” (duck tongues, smelly tofu and smelly fruit)
  4. “Donut” (camel anus, mashed pig brain)
  5. “Sachertorte” (fermented duck egg and soy puree with camel liver and mealworms)
  6. “Green tea” (warm cow urine)

As is often the case, the portions were huge and time was tight. The following tweet pretty much sums up the situation:

Climbing in the jungle camp

After the examination, the remains fly. The reason: the cult emigrant drank Seiche’s glass alone, without sharing it with Elena. “You could have told me briefly, I will drink this alone. I would have said thank you! You are doing a show here. ” Danni defends herself out loud: “I’m sorry. I just wanted to give you back a part of what you have done for me so far! I didn’t want to get in the way and put on a show. I do not have to. I don’t even want to be a queen of the jungle. “

The two camel anus eaters drag the discussion with them to the jungle camp. Danni and I have problems. I’m very angry right now, ”Elena, who is seething with rage, says to erotic star Sonja when she arrives at camp. “If I get the feeling that someone is putting on a show, I’ll tell you! It is quite easy. Now I have experienced something on the exam and I don’t know what to think anymore. I am completely shocked. “

“There was a discussion about a glass of urine”

As Elena explains what happened, Danni really ventures a few feet away and yells, “They constantly tell me that I’m doing a show. I can’t hear that anymore! I am completely scared! I don’t have to put on a show and certainly not at the expense of my late husband. I don’t want pity, I don’t want anything! Anyone who thinks I’m doing a show should be ashamed. I no longer feel like it, I will not let anyone assume something like that. “

Ukrainian playboy bunny Anastasiya sums up the situation on the jungle phone pretty well: “There was a discussion about a glass of urine.” The DSDS winner is uncomfortable with the whole situation. “I’m a little depressed too,” says Prince Damien.

Danni divides the camp

Sonja is not the only one who is upset with Jens Büchner’s widow: “Why do I mix such great and essential pain, my loss, with entertainment? What does the poor man have to do with it? ”. Also trash Markus “She’s a bit psycho” and Tattoo-Toni deal a lot against Danni.

Sex bomb Anastasiya, on the other hand, has become a new best friend in an instant. While Danni didn’t even say hello to her when she moved to the jungle camp and really didn’t accept her apology on the second day, the two are suddenly inseparable.

What else happened on the 7th at the jungle camp?

Danni is not in the jungle camp voluntarily. She’s only there because she promised Jens. “A few days before he died, he said: whatever happens, go in there.”

  • Danni Zoff has these fellow campers: Sonja, Elena, Toni, Markus
  • Vomited: Danni and Elena
  • I was crying: Danni and Elena
  • In the next jungle test: Danni and Elena
  • When the announcement is made, Danni and Elena hug. WTF ?!