Campamento de la jungla: ¿Fiona Erdmann al final?

Jungle Camp: Fiona Erdmann at the end?

Jungle Camp: Fiona Erdmann at the end?

Do you have to go home?

wantedon 01/14/2013 | 10:55

Fiona Erdmann suffers from disconcerting bouts of nausea: does she have to leave the jungle camp?

Bystanders at the “jungle camp” have already responded to blasphemy attacks from Fiona erdmann adjusted and pleased. But the model is quite busy keeping food to themselves, without much success.

Fiona Erdmann: Do you have to leave the “jungle camp”?

As you could see in the last broadcast of “Dschungelcamp”, Helmut Berger was not the only one fighting for health in the jungle: Fiona Erdmann also seems to be turning up the heat, which seems to mainly affect her stomach. The extremely skinny-looking model has to throw up over and over again and sometimes can’t seem to get out of her “jungle camp” bed. “Everything I pour comes out again. I am reporting the stem here. Anyway, we don’t eat anything here. Drinking gets out of my mind. My eyes even tingle. I know it may be normal, but others don’t vomit either “, Fiona Erdmann summed up her state.

“Jungle Camp”: Does Fiona Erdmann have to go?

But Fiona Erdmann still doesn’t seem to see her health problems as a reason to turn her back on the “jungle camp”, like Helmut Berger. “I already have something so that what I drink stays inside”continues the participant from the “jungle camp”. “I haven’t been able to go to the bathroom before. Everything has become so hard. It was also urgent, it was not good for my stomach ”, complained Fiona Erdmann. But you can’t expect a lot of sympathy from your fellow campaigners, rather a mockery. “When we lose five to ten kilos, Fiona is gone. Just the toenails, ”Iris Klein Fiona’s condition commented dryly.

We keep our fingers crossed for Fiona Erdmann to get better soon; we have not given up hope for a tangible catfight in the “jungle camp” with Fiona as a participant …

Image Source: Getty Images / Thomas Lohnes