Campamento de la jungla: Peer Kusmagk es el rey de la jungla

Jungle Camp: Peer Kusmagk is King of the Jungle

Jungle Camp: Peer Kusmagk is King of the Jungle

King of the Jungle 2011

wantedon January 31, 2011 | 09:00

Jungle Camp 2011: Sonja and Dirk crown Peer the jungle king.

Jungle Camp 2011 was really exciting again yesterday: the three finalists Peer Kusmagk, Katy Karrenbauer and Thomas Rupprath had to compete again for the last jungle test before the public decided who will be the king of the jungle in 2011.

The final tests in the jungle were not easy for any of the candidates: they had to give it their all again! Thomas Rupprath crawled through a star-studded maze and animal visitors, and Katy Karrenbauer was greeted with a “typically Australian” menu: venison genitalia, fermented duck egg, camel blood and worms were on the menu.

The stranger to the jungle camp, Peer Kusmagk, faced his greatest fear: he had to crawl into a hole in the ground in a coffin and wait five minutes with rats in the dark, closed coffin. Successfully!

As a reward for passing the jungle tests, RTL gave the three finalists a Manu in the jungle camp of three courses: salad, serrano ham, steak, fries and chocolate mousse on the campfire, so that the three they could enjoy their last day in the jungle camp again.

In the jungle camp finale it got really exciting: Thomas Rupprath was the first of the three finalists to leave the jungle camp, followed by Katy Karrenbauer. Peer Kusmagk could hardly believe his victory, as he had become the outsider in the dispute over Sarah Knappik.

With that, the 2011 jungle camp is over, almost at least. Because today at 8.15 pm RTL will once again show the most beautiful moments of the jungle camping season and will hold a great party in the tree house with all the candidates, in which there will undoubtedly be a lot of conversation about the last days in the jungle.

Image Source: RTL / Stefan Menne