Campamento de la jungla: ¡Sarah Knappik quería darse por vencida!

Jungle Camp: Sarah Knappik wanted to give up!

Jungle Camp: Sarah Knappik wanted to give up!

Jungle Camp Exam

wantedon 01/18/2011 | 11:28

Sarah Knappik wanted to surrender at the “jungle camp” yesterday, but then decided to take the next test. With Jay Khan, the blonde had to face the next ordeal.

Sarah Knappil during yesterday’s test at the “jungle camp”

In the Australian jungle yesterday got very serious for model Sarah Knappik and musician Jay Khan. The fact that the “jungle camp” viewers sent the blonde for the exam again, of all things, was anything but pleasant to the other candidates.

Even before the exam began, Sarah announced, “I realize that my body is not doing any of this. My head is clear, but I can feel my body eating away at me ”. After Dr. Bob and Jay Khan had encouraged the 24-year-old to be brave, but in the end she took the exam.

When the exam called “Oktoberfest in the Jungle” consisted of eating fish eyes, worms, mealworms and rat brain, Sarah Knappik was no longer so squeamish. The “jungle camp” candidate ate the vegetarian “specialties,” while singer Jay Khan filled his stomach with mealworms, cockroaches and rat brains.

Sarah Knappik and Jay Khan got nine out of eleven stars in the team test. Back at camp, the model and singer told the others what they had to go through. In the presentation, Indira and Katy could not contain the tears and began to cry. The next test called “Ship of Horror” is already scheduled for tonight in the “jungle camp”.

Image Source: RTL / Stefan Menne