Campamento en la jungla: ¡la fecha de inicio para 2017 está aquí!

Jungle Camp – Start Date for 2017 is Here!

To the jungle

Soon the motto will be “I’m a star, get me out of here!” Because the “Jungle Camp 2017” is already on the starting grid. As RTL has announced, the popular jungle show will enter its 11th round on January 13, 2017.

During two weeks at “Jungle Camp 2017”, the stars have to face a wide variety of challenges, often exceeding the highest tolerance for disgust. Fans can also look forward to the bare facts and thrilling campfire confessions when they say again, “I’m a star, get me out of here!”

Candidates for the “Jungle Camp 2017” have yet to be officially announced, but there are some hot applicants who are being traded for a possible trip to the Australian jungle. Including television real estate agent Hanka Rackwitz, the star of “Goodbye Germany!” Jens Büchner and singer and TV star Sarah Joelle Jahnel. But footballer Thomas “Icke” Häßler is also said to be very interested in the Australian jungle, as is Gina-Lisa Lohfink, a model and acquaintance from German reality television. The blonde could have company with her ex Marc Terenzi.

Who will move to the “Jungle Camp 2017”?

But the illustrious group would not be full of that. No problem, because “Honey” aka Alexander Keen is supposed to be fighting to prove himself at “Jungle Camp 2017”. And last but not least, Sarah Lombardi and actress Nastassja Kinski could also start the trip to the Australian outback in January.

Sounds like a hot mix that “Jungle Camp 2017” fans can look forward to. We are excited!

Image Source: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius