Campamento de la selva: el candidato busca el amor

Jungle camp: the candidate seeks love

Jungle camp: the candidate seeks love

Kim Debkowski from DSDS

wantedthe 10/01/2012 | 12:49

They all want to become famous: the candidates of the “jungle camp”. But the youngest participant, of all people, expects something completely different from this adventure …

Kim Debkowski expects a great love in the “jungle camp”.

Each of the eleven candidates pursues different goals with their stay in the “jungle camp.” Most of them want to take advantage of the fame (of fifteen minutes) of times gone by, but one or the other hopes even more. For example, Kim Debkowski, former candidate of “Germany seeks superstar”, and at 19 years the youngest of the participants of the “jungle camp”. As she now revealed to the morning magazine “Punkt 6” on RTL, the blonde firmly believes that she can fall in love with Australia.

“Jungle Camp” now also as a single exchange?

Of course, Kim Debkowski would like to do her best in “jungle camp” anyway. “I am the youngest and I try to stay brave and try to achieve everything and I think I could win,” confessed the 19-year-old on RTL and added hopefully: “Maybe even find the man of my dreams!” Well, Kim Debkowski has big plans. But can the “jungle camp” really meet all these high expectations?

We will see it soon, because next Friday, January 13, 2012, the “jungle camp” will begin its new round. At least there is no shortage of male candidates: Daniel Lopes, Rocco Stark, musician Martin Kesici, former footballer Ailton and magician Vincent Raven are there.

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