Jungle Camp: Estos son los 12 candidatos y sus perfiles de Instagram

Jungle Camp: These are the 12 candidates and their Instagram profiles

Jungle Camp: These are the 12 candidates and their Instagram profiles

Actors, Former Women, Athletes, and Politicians: RTL has assembled a colorful troop of candidates for the fourteenth season of “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here!” And look forward to a two-week audience show in a class of your own. And these are the twelve stars who are going to search for stars in the jungle camp this year and in the end they only want one thing: to be the king or queen of the jungle in 2020.

Anastasiya Avilova (31 years old)

One of the most revealing candidates in the jungle camp is Anastasiya Avilova (31). The native Ukrainian likes to show her body, even a Playboy shoot can already be found on her resume. The model wants to endure in the camp until the end: “I will be a completely different person after this experience. In any case, I do not intend to go willingly. I’ll sit there until they kick me out. “

Danni Büchner (41 years old)

Actually, Daniela Büchner should participate in the jungle camp first. After her husband, Jens Büchner, died of lung cancer in late 2018, Daniela canceled her participation for the thirteenth season. But now she is there. And the cult migrant goes to the jungle to look for her dead husband: “It is also a promise for my husband. I promised until I died and now I’m going to do it. I just have to go through a season that my husband also experienced. I will definitely shed a tear or two. “

Marco Cerullo (31)

Marco Cerullo found the woman of his life in the last season of “Bachelor in Paradise.” You might miss them so much that a tear or two would roll down. The Bachelorette candidate is not afraid of tears in the jungle: “It can happen that a tear flows there. I don’t think that’s bad. It does not embarrass me. That’s a strength, if you can show it. “

Prince Damien (29)

The native South African made himself known to German audiences in 2016 through his victory at DSDS. The 29-year-old looks forward to his stay in the jungle and sees it more as a “paid vacation.” But he is sure: “My biggest challenge will be people. When I don’t have food, morale is far behind. It may be that a very bad dark side of me comes out that had not been officially seen until recently.

Sonja Kirchberger (55 years old)

The Austrian actress is best known for her starring role in the 1988 erotic film “Die Venusfalle”. For the actress, the jungle trials are not the biggest challenge: “People always talk about the jungle trials. The real challenge is the others you don’t know. What you get into there, in such a small space, I find the most difficult jungle test of all time. “

Elena Miras (27)

Elena Miras has appeared on numerous reality shows. Phrases like: “What kind of fucking shit are you ?!”, “Damn selfish” or “Asshole” were part of the repertoire of his tirades. Even in the jungle camp, the reality star doesn’t want to put up with anything: “I don’t have to get along with everyone and if it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t fit. If someone turns me on, I turn it on too. This, of course, also holds true in the jungle. “

Claudia Norberg (49 years old)

After about 29 years, Claudia Norberg (49) recently parted ways with pop singer Michael Wendler. Now is the time for a new chapter to begin. However, Wendler’s ex also wants to address the hit star: “Of course, my husband Michael Wendler will be a problem. I am often asked about Michael in normal life and that will certainly be the case in the jungle. If there is any question, you can ask me. “

Sven Ottke (52 years old)

Sven Ottke would like to turn his charity project “Sven hilft” into a foundation and, among other things, raise the bar in the jungle. You do not need money, everything is donated. He goes to camp “to do something good.” The world boxing champion can also get angry: “If a situation arises in which the nerves are very thin, and then some idiot appears who wants to pee on my leg, then I might get angry.”

Prof. Dr. Günther Krause (66)

Günther Krause is the first politician in the jungle camp. The now 66-year-old was Federal Minister of Transport of the CDU from 1991 to 1993. Before that, he was parliamentary secretary of state to the prime minister of the GDR and a negotiator for the East German side in the talks on the German unification treaty. German. He doesn’t care what others say: “Most of my colleagues at CDU say that Krause is crazy. Now he is doing it too ”. The politician does not yet have an Instagram profile.

Markus Reinecke (50)

Markus Reinecke doesn’t want to waste time or furniture in the jungle; no, instead, the 50-year-old known from RTL II and RTL wants to win the crown and become the king of the jungle in 2020. Reinecke claims to be a winner of himself and announces that he will walk naked through the camp. They are not afraid of the jungle exams: “I am not afraid of the exams. That is a small advantage. I do all kinds of fun sports. And I’m always hungry, so I eat everything. “

Raul Richter (32)

At GZSZ he died in 2014 as Dominik Gundlach after seven years of serial death. At the jungle camp, however, the actor definitely wants to make it to the finals: “I’m trying to get into the top three. Sure, of course! Statistically, it looks pretty good because all the people who have been with GZSZ or are up to date have come a long way. “

Toni Travel (22)

For Antonia Komljen, as Toni Trips is actually called, camping in the jungle should be a challenge. Because the 22-year-old is not only afraid of spiders, but also insects. Reason enough for many viewers to choose them for the upcoming jungle trials. But the singer wants to face all the tests: “I enter all the jungle tests: close your eyes and pass.”