Campamento de la jungla: este candidato voló primero

Jungle Camp – This Candidate Flew First

Jungle Camp - This Candidate Flew First

Who had to go

wantedon 01/25/2014 | 07:21

Now the time had come: the first star had to leave the jungle camp and was chosen by the viewers of the television camp. Here you can find out who had to leave and why Larissa set an international record.

The exciting first week of the “jungle camp” is over. After pop star Michael Wendler moved out prematurely and voluntarily, the jungle camp public chose the first candidate. Who got the most votes and then had to leave has now been revealed on the RTL show.

Jungle Camp: Larissa and Mola are shaking

By telephone and online voting yesterday, viewers voted which star they no longer want to see on the upcoming “jungle camp” show. One candidate had a clear advantage over the others: Very few audience votes were cast for Corinna Drews. Jürgen Drews’ ex-wife was the first to unwittingly leave the jungle camp. But the 51-year-old apparently took the decision calmly and replied succinctly, “Great!” But it wasn’t just the first excerpt that made jungle camp exciting yesterday.

Jungle Camp: Larissa Sets International Record

The “jungle camp” candidate Larissa also sets an international record. With her eighth jungle exam, Larissa Marolt has set an international record for “jungle camps”. This means that the model is now the candidate who has passed the most jungle exams in the world. This time, too, she was selected for the test with Mola Adebisi and had to compete with him in the “Spider Shock” jungle test. But it was not only the jungle test that caused tension in yesterday’s show. Melanie and Julian had to go on a treasure hunt together, securing delicious chocolate chip cookies for the residents of the jungle camp.

It’s a shame that the first week of the “jungle camp” is already over. In the coming days, the stars of the camp will also provide the best entertainment with exciting decisions, jungle tests and revelations. Image Source: (c) RTL / Stefan Menne

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