Campamento de la jungla: Por eso Danni se ofende, así es como reacciona su familia ante la agitación

Jungle Camp: This is why Danni is offended, this is how her family reacts to upheaval

Jungle Camp: This is why Danni is offended, this is how her family reacts to upheaval

Malle-Danni presents her own show at Jungle Camp 2020, like it or not. Jens Büchner’s widow seemingly magically attracts all complaints and arguments: she has stress with model Anastasiya from the beginning, constantly clashes with Elena Miras, and has many secretive stories that she likes to share with other campers and jungle viewers.

Issue number one is her late husband Jens, whom she highlights in the first broadcast of the current season: she wants to sleep where her Jens also slept. There he feels closer to him, he says. This is followed by one or the other salute to heaven as soon as Danni wins a test in the jungle.

Danni Büchner: Camping in the jungle as a test of mental stress?

The jungle tests, one after another, seem to push the TV star to the limit, and especially psychologically. Because Danni unpacks her fateful stories, which (should) inspire audiences to feel sorry for – with her past with her violent father and ex-husband and the resulting mental illness. The consequences of Jens Büchner’s death were also catastrophic for her and her family, according to the emigrant: she was suddenly left without income and with a single mother in Mallorca.

These heartwarming stories are often ideal for shows like jungle camp. But just a few days after the show started, the mood among the campers changed dramatically and continues.

Jungle Camp – All Against Danni B.

The other campers doubt Danni’s authenticity and assume that she is pushing herself to the fore. Actress Sonja Kirchberger pours herself into nightly analyzes and doesn’t believe a word to Büchner’s widow. Even Elena Miras, mostly short-tempered, doesn’t want to get along with the 41-year-old, at least outside of the jungle exams.

She spreads a negative mood, making the other IBES participants about her colleague. This happens, for example, because Malle-Danni does not allow other program participants to be successful. Rather than hold back, he leaves nasty comments that RTL knows how to put at the center of the show.

Incitement against Danni Büchner on social media

Danni’s behavior – or the RTL cleverly staged – does not go unnoticed outside of the jungle. Countless viewers and fans of the show publicly run against the television star. Right below her photos on Instagram, users comment on the presentation with words like “Don’t queue, bitch”, “chase this horny girl to hell with the media” or even “I can’t stand women anymore.” The Mallorcan woman by her own choice has also received death threats: “I’m going to kill you.”

Danni’s children not only listen to the individual episodes, but also the hateful comments online. What does your family think of that?

Büchner family shocked by hate against Danni

Danni’s family, but especially her children Joelina Shirin, Volkan Sinan and Jada Selin listen live to the agitation against their mother. Compared to the picture, the brothers emphasized that their mother is not like that in real life. RTL would create a completely different image for the 41-year-old. His mother is a warm person who cannot be seen in these randomly cut pictures.

They don’t understand the petty comments against Danni. Children are particularly concerned about death threats. However, in an interview with RTL, his son Volkan issued a warning: although it was not his mother’s “safety”. But if someone got too close and said things like that, then they would “hit that person.”