Jungle Talk Episodio 1

Jungle Talk Episode 1

Jungle Talk Episode 1

Did you already know what luxury items the campers took to the jungle? You can still understand Jacobs-Sister Eva’s Rag Poodle, after all, you can’t do without a dog. But why does Mathieu take a cloth snake into the jungle? Did you ever harden when the first king snakes crawled under the litter? Well at least he can hug her, which can’t be said for Peer’s top hat. Yes, you read that right, a cylinder!

Before the upset comes the shaken head.

Did they take something? During the march to the camp, sentences fall that do not exactly suggest clarity of mind. Peer takes it all “As a wonderful wonderful gift”, Mathieu looks forward to the animals (ha, Mathieu, you didn’t know what was waiting for you – giant cockroach keyword) and celebrates finally being able to leave civilization behind. Anyway, Mathieu is the highlight of this episode: Anyone who asks the important question in the first few minutes of what plants can be smoked here is out of this world. Besides: the good man wants to adopt Indira so as not to fall in love with her. Acute alarm of strange peeling! Please, please, we are not witnesses of any physical contact between Indira and the attenuated actor.

Although Mathieu said it at least reasonably well. Jay Khan doesn’t hide it! He’s single, open to anything, and two weeks without sex are long. Okay, clear statement. And what pig do you want, Indira or Sarah?

Wurgs! Or: the giant cockroach

To the test of the jungle number 1 with the promising name Jungle dentist Indira and Mathieu enter. Okay, Frabby, you would never do that. Really? Imagine you are a C celebrity who is completely broke and is aneeds little attention. Yes, we prefer not to imagine that, it is not a pleasant thought …

In reality, everything in us resists, but it is necessary to recognize it: Indira has done it well. Okay, a couple of squeaks, but that was to be expected. Zack, after exercise cancer, kept all the animals in his mouth for 20 seconds. Our toenails were particularly curved in the water spider and giant cockroach. WURGS! That too drooled.

Take a look too? Here is the video …

There were ten stars and ten meals. It fits exactly! There’s even some of the tasty rooster left. Can’t we count? But! Forgotten, Sarah and Rainer don’t eat animals. Why am I going to the jungle when I know it will be difficult being a vegetarian? Understand that whoever wants.

Our personal award of points:Already two Former model Fast Sarah has negative points on the account that croaks through the jungle and sets the others on the alarm clock on day 1 (!). “Why you do not trust me”. (All except Rainer, because he’s already at least 20 slow points)

by Friends’ Despair Points with the statement “It’s been a long time since I filmed and stood in front of the camera, I’m looking forward to it.” Roger Peer, you need the money …

There are other points of shame for Evawho, trying on her jungle outfit, very cleverly realized that not only is her butt well packed, but… uh… everything is also in the front. (The exact wording is not available here…)

Swimming star Thomas Rupprath was just as smart. On the subject of sex: you are not going to have sex, because after all it is totally unsanitary in the camp and the toilet facilities are not what you are used to. But Jay will be happy, he has more left. We remember: two weeks can be long …

Tomorrow Rainer Langhans will go to “Pet Sematary”. Perhaps you should get moving so that you arrive on time. Gaaaaaaanz chill …

Now we also say chill out: until the next episode Jungle talk, in which we hope that the other candidates have their turn.