Episodio de Jungle Talk 13/12

Jungle Talk Episode 13/12

Jungle Talk Episode 13/12

Eyes dull. A short time later, Gay Buhmann came to comfort her and let her know that there are cameras and microphones everywhere in the house. She should tell you outside what’s going on. In front of the hut he whispered something about: “I have the feeling that I am doing something that is not right.” Well, Indira, we would love to know what you are talking about. Come on, get out there! What is played here? We are excited and confident that the truth will still come out !!!

Dani’s conclusion: I am disappointed and feel really ripped off by Jay aka gay bogeyman. I think it’s not just me. In my opinion, Indira is only a means to an end. She just played along without really caring about the far-reaching consequences it could have for her and her nonexistent career. Sorry, poor fellow. He didn’t deserve to be ruined like this. Right now I don’t believe anyone anymore. I don’t even trust Schotti anymore, who just got out of jail. Only you diamonds, I still trust you. Go ahead, how do you see it?

Oh Dani, I’m just as surprised as you are. Words fail me, and that happens very rarely. I’ve already ordered Universum: Peer for Jungle King! Yes! Also: I am very, very happy that Mathieu is out. Nor was it entirely real, rather very dangerous hhhhh …

Until next jungle talk, girls! Stay tuned!

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(Photos: Stefan Menne / RTL, all the information about “I’m a star, get me out of here” in the RTL.de special)