Jungle Talk Episodio 2

Jungle Talk Episode 2

Jungle Talk Episode 2

Right at the beginning there was a lot of whore terror: Indira and Sarah were allowed to go on their first treasure hunt, which unfortunately went very wrong. How tragic, because Indira wanted to go to the jungle camp due to the legendary treasure hunts. It’s clear right? The skill test presented both of them with an impossible task. We’d say the little test wasn’t too difficult, but the two of them just did a stupid job and got into a lot of trouble. Fewer complaints, more teamwork and the treasure would have been easy. But that was probably nothing …

Indira is not necessarily one of our favorite candidates in the camp. But at least he tried to do things calmly and relaxed. Well, he did some gross motor work on the rope… Sarah immediately took command, which ultimately led to total chaos. The little sergeant, therefore, gets a big negative on the sympathies list.“Sarah is so bad now against the grain! In today’s test with Indira, I really could have followed her ”, says User-Crystal-. And where she is right, she is right. 😉

While we’re at it, let’s stick with our good Sarah Knappik. Your 10 wisdoms were the best yesterday. A quick overview of these again. Instead:

10) It is important that one be happy at heart. (Ahha, thanks for the info)9) Not everyone was born a son of a bitch. (Please, what are these expressions?)8) The weather sucks, I can’t do anything about it. (Yes, too stupid! I always try to turn hail into sunshine! It doesn’t work!)7) Only those who have suffered can first enjoy the beautiful. (She still hasn’t digested the supermodel thing)6) 50% of people always love you no matter what you do. (At this point I would like to say hi to my mom)5) If you are a pretty person, they will tag you. (Yes Sarah, life is incredibly unfair)4) Everyone sees you sexually. (Now I really have to cry… Muäää)3) I have not had surgery, I am natural, 100% of everything related to my body is free. (We believe you right away. Kind regards to Gina Lisa too)2) When you sleep with a lot of people, you always lose a part of your soul. (no comment)

… after this incredible wisdom now number one …

1) MONEY IS NOT EVERYTHING (Oh Sarah, old poet)

The Jungle Trial: Stuffed Animals Graveyard

This time it was our Rainer’s turn. An initially darkened coffin, which was about to fill with some 30,000 cockroaches, was already waiting for him. Despite initial concerns, he then climbed into the coffin and passed his relatively unspectacular test with flying colors. Even when floating 12 meters above the ground, our old hippie didn’t make a sound. His mind floated in so many other spheres. He stayed in the coffin for 11 minutes and got 11 stars for it. We were just waiting for one of the roaches to get into his nose, unfortunately it didn’t happen. Back at camp, something happened that we were not mentally prepared for. Rainer went swimming and showed us his “Schrumpelstielzchen”. AHHHH!

Dani’s conclusion: The test with Rainer Langhans was too husky for me personally, so I need a little more action! In the end, there was only one image in my head and in this case that has nothing to do with cockroaches. SHOUT!

If not?

While Katy Karrenbauer and Mathieu Carrieré played with the questionable red sock puppet, the following bitch was already looming: after Indira had meticulously manipulated a canopy for her bed, the new team leader, Eva Jacob, banned the canopy! No one could really understand that, but it’s okay. The mother has spoken! After removing the canopy and setting it aside, Eva took the retouched artwork shortly afterward and used it as a doormat. Thick air is inevitable! Indira was subtly smelly and accused Eva of stealing her canopy of leaves on purpose, who in turn played the innocence of the country. Anyone who wants to understand what this is all about should understand themselves now, but one thing is clear: Mutti is not without him! It’s going to be fun!

By the way, Sarah has to compete for the next jungle test, we are looking forward to it. Until then, don’t let the roaches bite you! Hoping that there is something more serious tonight, we say: See you on the next episode, Jungle Talk.