Jungle Talk Episodio 3

Jungle Talk Episode 3

Jungle Talk Episode 3

Today we get acquainted with the digestive problems of the residents of the jungle camp from the beginning. There are things that even we don’t want to know. Unfortunately now we know. By Zack the bean. More beans than zack! While Indira is “deep from the colon”, the bean is attached to Sarah! Ah, the truth can be cruel at times. After the tears from the failed toilet were dried, Sarah’s jungle test began.

Jungle Trial: Going Through the Wall with Sarah

Yes, someone rushed a bit. As soon as Sarah entered the tunnel, she had to go back to Dr. Bob to be saved. What was happening there? Good old Sarah suddenly gasped and complained of severe shortness of breath. What can I say? Sentence with X: it was probably nothing! He didn’t even get a star, other than the fact that he didn’t even see the first stars hanging. Maybe it was for the protection of the lost knee?

After the exam, there were many howls in the camp. With the words “That was the toughest jungle test ever”, she catapults further out of nowhere and gets a negative not only from Jay but from us as well.

Dani’s conclusion:

Since there will probably only be rice and beans for the residents of our camp, I can only think of one thing: Each bean makes a note! So one can only wish Sarah that the bean shut down today and that the toilet problem is a thing of history. Now that so many tears have flowed, I wish you at least a sense of accomplishment here. Amen. Or what do you mean by diamonds?

Oh Dani. The only positive point today was Jay’s firm butt! Otherwise, he was yawning. There were only food hallucinations, NO treasure hunt and unfortunately now I also have a tinnitus from Sarah’s eternal “That was the hardest test of the jungle to come.” I’d like to say, “Howl!” But sadly it already has. I don’t feel sorry for Sarah’s howling buoy. We need more action, just saying “shit can be a luxury too” has no impulse here!

So all we have left is to say “good night” and hope that tomorrow is okay. Until the next round of blasphemy in the jungle!