Jungle Talk Episodio 6

Jungle Talk Episode 6

And the exam itself? Sarah donned a couture cockroach costume and skated over an obstacle course, guided by Katy. Everything was designed so that its probes do not touch the overhead line. Because if it did, BRIZZZZZ did and Katy received a power surge and a load of disgusting goo from above. We’ll call Katy Walter again from now on, my God, she had a tone in her body. But hey, whoever is ready can roar too! In the end there were only four stars left and….

… Problem # 4: Sarah!

Poor Walter! Soaked, fresh from the electric chair and covered in drool, the good girl didn’t even moan. Respect! But Sarah couldn’t bear not being the center of attention ONCE. Everything was much more modest for her, because she had to fully tense up. Swollen legs and whatever! We want to shout: CLOSE YOUR MOUTH!

Karo’s conclusion: Who is going to the jungle test today? What am I really asking? I can’t stand Sarah anymore. Perhaps it will be swept away by bodies of water? I wish for a miracle – for someone else to take an exam tomorrow AND for someone to have spoken to Sarah so correctly that they shut up and allow us a break from Sarah. What do you mean Dani?

I have a lot of faxes, if I see the lady crying again, I will take the next plane and get her out of there with my own hands! I can not anymore. I wish for her to turn, turn and turn again tonight !!! Unfortunately you don’t get a lot of the others at the moment, hope that changes soon. One more thing, I also found the number in the phone booth great, when Sarah was supposed to make room for dear Eva to sit down, but who in turn began to argue. OH MAN! I’m sure our users have more manners than this brat and would immediately give way to any older lady. OR?

We will say until tomorrow when I return to “Welcome to a new episode of Jungle Talk” …

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(Photos: Stefan Menne / RTL, all the information about “I’m a star, get me out of here” in the RTL.de special)