Jungle Talk Episodio 9

Jungle Talk Episode 9

Jungle Talk Episode 9

Jungle trial: going through the wall

Hey? Didn’t we have that before? YES! After all, that was the toughest test in the jungle, including those to come. We remember: Sarah was “out of breath” and stopped. Yesterday it was Peer’s turn to work his way through the tunnel quickly and carelessly and get five stars. But there was a delicious crocodile. We don’t find it particularly disgusting right now. Miss I love animals beautiful. Nothing new, but the beam user brought a great look: “But I think it’s funny that in the future I have to secretly put the meat between the gills xD.” Right! Hehe, we are looking forward to it!

If not?

1. Acting classes

What did we laugh when Peer cried thick crocodile tears, suitable for dinner? Only 5 stars * Sob *. Thanks for that pair, for a moment we take it off you.

2. Katy, the psychologist

Ay, poor Indira. He can’t even cry in peace without us blaspheming. But it’s hard to spend another eight days with Jay with nothing but hugging them. Thank goodness Walter is there!

Karo’s Takeaway: I thought it was funny, but what left lasting damage to my psyche was Sarah’s “nobody” dance while calling me. Help! The hero of the day was Peer (who really didn’t like me until then): I really thought the smuggling number, without any irony, was super nice! I don’t find it sad that Mutti Eva was expelled, it really got on my nerves!

We say: see you tomorrow and blaspheme, girls.

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(Photos: Stefan Menne / RTL, all the information about “I’m a star, get me out of here” in the RTL.de special)