Jungle Talk

Jungle talk

Jungle talk

Why do we indulge ourselves in jungle camping madness every day for two weeks?

There are many reasons! But the most important are …

1.We are die-hard fans of jungle camps and have been tough on all the previous seasons. Be it Kübelböck cockroaches or Giulia Siegel with spiders on their heads! And yes: we support our jungle mania!

2. You can get facts about the show everywhere, what is clearly missing is the potential for profanity! We will put an end to this, we promise!

And now it says: To the jungle! We have 14 exciting days ahead “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here”. After each broadcast, you can read here on Mädchen.de what we think of the candidates, the jungle exams, the food, the spiders and the bitches.

Now for the best: Only here you can gossip with us, because of course we will also include your comments and forum posts about the respective episode.

Who is in? Check the list of candidates here: Jungle Camp 2011. Also: Do ​​you already have some good advice on who will be the king of the jungle this year? Jungle camping fans have also gathered on the forum; one click is definitely worth it.