"Mundo Jurásico 2": Colin Trevorrow da pistas sobre la trama

"Jurassic World 2": Colin Trevorrow gives plot clues

"Jurassic World 2": Colin Trevorrow hints at the plot

An open dinosaur park, a crossover dinosaur monster, domesticated raptors – in “Jurassic World” we saw new ideas. The plot of the next part is secret, but Colin Trevorrow gave new clues: what if dinosaurs are raised all over the world?

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For years, the fourth “Jurassic Park” was passed between different authors until finally the film was completed, which, under the title “Jurassic World”, became the third most successful film of all time in the world according to box office results. . Due to this superior result, it will not be another 14 years, the time between “Jurassic Park 2” and the third part, until the dinosaurs trample again, in their place, “Jurassic Park 5”, also known as “Jurassic World 2” , will arrive in 2018, again with Chris. Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard. Colin Trevorrow is not redirecting, but he is rewriting the script with Derek Connolly. And, obviously, he already has a rough idea, that he “CablingRevealed in June 2015 and which the tech magazine now publishes online.

“It was important for me to set the table for more parts of Jurassic World. I know they’ll want to do them, I know Steven Spielberg definitely wants to do several of them. And it won’t be about some dinosaurs chasing people across an island. That idea is out of date. ” So Trevorrow wants to take the plot in a new direction. And as he also made clear in another interview, he laid the seeds for this in “Jurassic World”: “You don’t always have to limit yourself to parks. There are uses of science that go far beyond entertainment. Think of the beginning of nuclear power; It was initially supposed to be used as a weapon, then we found out that we can use it to generate power. The seed that I planted in Jurassic World and that can grow in other movies, if they are made, is: What if dinosaurs go open source? What if dinosaurs could be raised in 15 places around the world? Dr. Wu warns Dr. Mesrani in ‘Jurassic World’: “We will not always be the only ones who can make dinosaurs.”

Trevorrow speaks of “open source”: this term includes computer programs whose source code is open and that anyone can use. In a broader sense, “open source” means freely available knowledge such as Wikipedia. It doesn’t take much imagination to imagine how quickly chaos can break out when dinosaurs are created and raised all over the world.

By the way, one of the rejected ideas being worked on for the fourth “Jurassic Park” was one with dinosaur soldiers. There is also a seed for this in “Jurassic World” …