Agradable, en forma, sin afeitar

Jus deletes his bottom image

Nice, fit, unshaven

How Reason wrote under another photo (there he is dressed): “Hey, I deleted the photo of my butt on Instagram, not because I find it bad, but because the daughter of someone close to me is following me. She was totally embarrassed when she saw my butt. He hadn’t thought of that at all! I felt terrible because she felt terrible. I apologize to everyone who attacked with this photo. Actually, it was only meant to be a well-intentioned joke, but at the time I didn’t know the kids were following me too! I love you guys.”

Um yeah, Justin could have guessed that beforehand. Well now the bum on your side is at least a thing of the past. Next to Miley Cyrusbut no: She had taken the photo and put a butt on Kim Kardashian. And that’s how fun the Photoshop image looked: