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Justin and Hailey in love?

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And that’s what we did. When he got to the point of “strong relationships,” Justin clarified: “I know that in the past I hurt people and said things that I didn’t mean. Now I want to be more progressive and make sure I don’t hurt anyone. What if Hailey is the one I’ll marry one day? If I hurry now, I will hurt her and she will never be okay again. Deep wounds heal very badly. It’s so hard, I really don’t want to hurt her. “ Also he said: “I don’t want to hurt anyone who thinks I belong to them. At the moment I don’t want to commit to just one person. I already have enough things to take care of, and a lot of responsibility ”.

So it sounds really complicated. Plain Text: Justin loves Hailey, but he doesn’t want a stable relationship at the moment and therefore keeps her at a distance. But that he could imagine marrying her one day is a blatant statement.

Is Hailey just trying to make Justin jealous with this ad campaign?

Hailey Baldwin kisses the Hilfiger model

+ + Kiss on the dream vacation + +

Is that now the official confirmation of the relationship? Justin Bieber was on a dream vacation to the Caribbean with his family over the New Year and his “good friend” Hailey Baldwin, who is apparently his real girlfriend now. Because the two not only shared sexy and comfortable images on Instagram, but Justin himself shared a super hot kiss photo. In the image holding Hailey in her arms, she hugs him and the two kiss passionately.

Justin makes his love life really exciting. Not long ago, his relationship with Selena Gomez seemed to briefly flare up again, but these were quickly masked by rumors of affairs with Kourtney Kardashian. But now Hailey seems to be his number one again. So it’s still exciting!

+ + Justin and Hailey: Just good friends before? + +

Rumors that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are dating have been around for a long time. The latest official report on the status of the superstar’s relationship after breaking up with his on-and-off girlfriend Selena Gomez came in late 2014 via Instagram. Justin posted a photo of him and Hailey there and wrote: “People are crazy. I am a bit single and this is a good friend. You would know if it was different … “ Oh yeah Justin Dating and the ride on the new luxury private jet to New York speak a different language. The two lived together in an apartment, went for walks and ate out together.

Of course, the two did not go unnoticed in their activities. Justin Bieber grabbed a skateboard and hit the streets of New York – not exactly like a gentleman, because Hailey had to run after part of the route. Then he stopped at a large staircase and performed some skateboard tricks in front of passersby, fans, and paparazzi. What was he wearing? Not really practical for skating: Justin had opted for an ultra-long T-shirt, which almost looked like a dress.. Was it because of the inappropriate wardrobe? Regardless, Justin Bieber fell during one of his attempts to jump fresh down the stairs with a skateboard. Fortunately, he was unscathed. 😉