Justin Bieber se rompió el pie

Justin Bieber broke his foot

Justin Bieber broke his foot

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wantedon 06/01/2015 | 09:40

The year 2015 is only six days old, so Justin Bieber is already an attractive candidate for the unlucky of the year. Teen crush broke his foot …

Justin Bieber is fueling the rumors

All fans of the 20-year-old know very well that Justin Bieber leads a life in the fast lane. The teen star is very happy to share videos of her fast skateboarding rides on Instagram. During one of these wild walks, Justin Bieber apparently suffered a serious injury. “Broken foot” is the diagnosis that the “baby” singer shared with his fans through Facebook. As they bathe their idol with many wishes for recovery, Justin Bieber also has good news ready. As his good friend and music colleague Madison Beer now indicated via Twitter, Justin Bieber is planning his musical comeback in the coming days. It’s time! After all, it’s been two years since his fans last heard new songs from The Biebs.

Justin Bieber: Will your new LP be out soon?

Justin Bieber: Wretched 2015?

“IT’S BACK BABY,” 15-year-old Madison yelled on January 2 in 15 capital letters, now making Justin Bieber fans look forward to an early comeback. And as if this tweet wasn’t anticipation enough, Justin Bieber fueled the rumors himself on his Fahlo account. “Tomorrow is a big day. There are many things that I wanted to show you for a long time. I love you!“They are the clear words of the teenage idol. Belieber around the world is now waiting for the dawn in America – it remains to be seen if Justin Bieber will keep his promise and post his new hits to the web on January 6!

We also look forward to a new Justin Bieber album. After all, the 20-year-old would finally make headlines again with his music …

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