Justin Bieber carbonizó a sus fans en Instagram

Justin Bieber charred his fans on Instagram

Justin Bieber charred his fans on Instagram


Daniel Schmidton 06/07/2016 | 15:03

Pop prince Justin Bieber taunted his Instagram fans. He solved his little joke right away, but his “secret daughter” may have caused some fans screaming for a short time.

Justin Bieber has a baby, but of course not his.

Singer Justin Bieber likes to use the Instagram photo sharing platform frequently and with pleasure. The Canadian enthusiastically shares snapshots of his life with his fans and some of the artist’s contributions have even made it to the media. Regardless of whether the star features her bare buttocks in a lake or is just wearing the famous Calvin Klein underwear and bravely reaching for the famous crotch, Justin is never too good for a little excitement. Fans tend to like him a lot, so they will soon forgive him for his little joke. For a moment, Justin Bieber wanted to let the world know that he had secretly become the father of a daughter.

Sweet baby Bieber

On Instagram, she presented herself with a sweet baby in her arms. Under the signature: “My daughter.” Only after a distance of several lines does the resolution appear: “Just kidding.” However, judging by the comments, it took some fans a while to see through the jokes and were either surprised or delighted by the supposed mini beaver mouse. But perhaps the image is also a small blow to the women who wanted to cheer on the millionaire star with their son. Twice the supposed ex-partners of the singer tried to attribute paternity to him, both times without success. It is no big secret that Justin Bieber himself would like to be a father.

Sweet! The little one looks great on Justin Bieber. Perhaps a baby would also calm the wild star a bit. All you have to do is find the right woman.

Image Source: GettyImages / Mat Hayward