Justin Bieber no quiere ser adorado

Justin Bieber doesn’t want to be adored

Justin Bieber doesn't want to be adored

Announcement to fans

Thorsten trederon 02/25/2016 | 13:11

Hardly any other pop star is adored by his fans as much as Justin Bieber. Since his big break as a teenager, the singer has barely been able to take a step without being followed by sensational paparazzi and loyal fans. But despite his success, the 21-year-old also sees the dark side of all the star hype. Therefore, Justin Bieber now spoke a serious word to his fans.

Justin Bieber speaks to his fans in conscience

Giving autographs, preparing for a quick selfie, staying in touch with fans via social media – Justin Bieber has also long mastered the basics of being a celebrity. However, even the swarm of teenagers always run into limits, especially when their “popular” people elevate them to a pedestal and worship them as a god. “I would really advise people: ‘Don’t trust me!’ Because I will always disappoint you ”, Justin Bieber was surprisingly honest in an interview with the British newspaper“ The Mirror ”.

Even if Justin Bieber maintains a particularly close relationship with his fans and allows them to participate in his private life through social media, his followers are solely responsible for their own lives. “It’s frightening. I want you to know that I cannot solve your problems. I am not that higher power. I’ll never be that either. I’m not perfect and I’ve made a lot of mistakes, ”Justin Bieber, who also won a BRIT award for best international artist on Wednesday night, told the tabloid.

Justin Bieber is critical of the hype of the stars

In general, Justin Bieber believes that too much value is placed on celebrities in today’s society. Even world famous artists like him are one thing above all: people, not gods. “I want people to know that people are not to be worshiped. We simply are not. If a person is adored, it is dangerous “, explained Justin Bieber to the” Mirror “about his vision of things. “Fans must understand that: you can love me, you can be passionate, you can fantasize, you can do whatever you want. But it’s difficult when you trust me. “

You don’t hear such serious words from Justin Bieber every day. However, of course, you are correct in your request. He is also a person like everyone else …

Image Source: Getty Images / Jason Merritt