Justin Bieber termina su entrenamiento anti-agresión

Justin Bieber finishes his anti-aggression training

Justin Bieber finishes his anti-aggression training

Probation requirements

wantedon 05/12/2015 | 12:15

The scandalous times seem to be over forever: After Justin Bieber recently showed on his “Comedy Central Roast” that he can now laugh at himself, the singer is now doing his best to make up for his youthful sins. Justin Bieber is said to have mastered his court-ordered anti-bullying lessons with flying colors …

Sounds like news from a long forgotten: In January 2014, Justin Bieber caused a stir in his Calabasas neighborhood when he threw eggs at his neighbor’s house after several arguments. This ill-considered action cost the pop star dearly: in a settlement, the parties not only agreed to a hefty fine for the singer, Justin Bieber also received anti-assault training and community court hours in order to stay free. The 21-year-old is said to have met at least some of these requirements.

Justin Bieber takes his parole requirements seriously

As reported by the American celebrity portal “TMZ”, it is said that the attack with eggs, for which Justin Bieber was responsible, was repeated on Monday in a court in Los Angeles. To the delight of everyone present, attorneys for the teen swarm were able to report that he had successfully mastered the prescribed 12 hours of his anti-assault training. Additionally, Justin Bieber has already started his community hours, according to court documents.: I had already worked two hours in an emergency shelter run by the charity “Volunteers for America” in Los Angeles.

Justin Bieber receives praise from his parole officer

According to his lawyers, Justin Bieber will also complete his remaining social hours at this accommodation in the coming weeks and help the local team with repair work. In the opinion of your parole officer, there is no reason to fear that you may shirk this duty. Instead, he is said to have praised the musician in the audience: Justin Bieber behaves “cooperatively and honestly.” However, these excellent grades cannot take a load off his shoulders: despite his successes, the Canadian will remain on probation until 2016.

The legal troubles that followed the infamous egg attack appear to have finally opened Justin Bieber’s eyes. Regardless, the teen idol’s commitment to meeting the requirements of his parole makes it clear that his makeover isn’t just lip service.

Image source: © Getty Images / Dimitrios Kambouris