Justin Bieber coquetea con la maravilla de los senos Jayde Pierce

Justin Bieber flirts with breast wonder Jayde Pierce

Justin Bieber flirts with breast wonder Jayde Pierce

Replacement for Selena?

wantedon 05/20/2015 | 16:31

After Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner and Yovanna Ventura, Justin Bieber now seems to have been keeping an eye on Jayde Pierce. Justin Bieber also took the curvy YouTube star on a short trip instead of performing at the Billboard Music Awards. How serious is he with the model?

Understandably, Justin Bieber likes to be seen with beautiful women by his side, after all, he can enjoy his image of a woman killer with attractive women. Even though none of the women could compare to Selena Gomez and enjoyed a permanent, on-and-off, media-effective, drama-filled relationship, the “baby” performer seems to want to stop thinking unnecessarily about his ex. . His fans can always admire a new pretty face by his side. After the Jenner sisters, the daughter of actor Hailey Baldwin and model Yovanna Ventura, Justin Bieber is now having fun with YouTube star Jayde Pierce. The 19-year-old gained notoriety with her makeup tip videos and luscious curves. Above all, her wide neckline causes a sensation on the Instagram account. That also seems to like “The Biebs.”

Justin Bieber is shown with his new conquestJustin Bieber has never made a secret of his flirtations and, until now, he has always been the first to take a selfie for fans. Jayde Pierce also takes advantage of this and posted this photo of the two stars on her Instagram account. The singer’s sullen look can be attributed to his bad boy image; it will probably have little to do with the pretty brunette next to him. Finally, the photo was taken on a short trip to the mountain for the two singles: Instead of attending the Billboard Music Awards, Justin Bieber preferred his hot date with Jayde Pierce. But is he really serious with the model? An alleged source told “HollywoodLife” that “The Biebs” should not be interested in a stable relationship: “He said that he is too busy to be in a serious relationship and that music is the most important thing to him right now.

Is Jayde Pierce just looking for a suitable ad platform with Justin Bieber to attract more people? Or is there much more? However, you shouldn’t have high hopes. After all, it currently seems that the heartthrob would rather flirt than get involved in a new relationship.

Image source: instagram / jaydepierce