Justin Bieber vuelve a ser criticado por su campaña de ropa interior

Justin Bieber is again criticized for his underwear campaign

Justin Bieber is again criticized for his underwear campaign

Laughing stock

wantedon 01/19/2015 | 12:09

Did Justin Bieber really do himself a favor with the Calvin Klein campaign? At first, the offer sounded quite lucrative: it attracted a lot of attention to the “baby” performer, and of course it also offered him the opportunity to present to the world the results of his countless hours in the gym. But through the commercial, Justin Bieber is increasingly becoming a laughingstock …

Justin Bieber takes it with humor

The shot backfired: Justin Bieber really wanted to look sporty, masculine and sexy in the new Calvin Klein commercial. But since the clip has been officially seen, it seems like Justin Bieber will no longer think of shootings.

First, her physical attributes were carefully examined and, what otherwise only happens to her female colleagues, were found to be incorrect. Neither the singer’s steely six-pack nor the pop-up content of his boxer shorts could convince fans. And as if this damning verdict and the ongoing discussions about it weren’t enough, Justin Bieber is now being targeted by “Saturday Night Live” host Kate McKinnon. In last Saturday’s edition, he parodied the 20-year-old for what it takes.

Justin Bieber takes it with humor

Kate McKinnon mocks “The Biebs”

Justin Bieber has had to put up with a lot since the commercial was released. On the popular show “Saturday Night Live,” however, the self-proclaimed “bad boy” laughs peaked. Kate McKinnon quickly repeated the commercial, assuming the role of interpreter of “Around the World.” In a bright, squeaky voice, she mimicked the swarm of girls desperately seeking their best piece in their plush boxer shorts and stated that they are “finally a big boy.” Quite cheeky, but Justin Bieber himself apparently takes the sketch with humor. On Twitter, he congratulated Kate McKinnon on her performance with the words: “@Nbcsnl well done! LOL. ”

Justin Bieber makes a good face for bad play. The singer probably envisioned the comments about the commercial with him in the title role a little differently. But so far the teasing hasn’t bothered him. Respect!

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