Justin Bieber posa desnudo para la campaña de Calvin Klein

Justin Bieber poses naked for Calvin Klein campaign

Justin Bieber poses naked for Calvin Klein campaign

Half-naked campaign

wantedon 07/01/2015 | 10:18

Justin Bieber is very happy to pose topless on Instagram. The sight of her steel upper body covered over and over with tattoos should be nothing new to her fans. However, they are raising the alarm in light of their new ad campaign!

Justin Bieber in Calvin Klein skinny and tight boxer briefs, Justin Bieber, taking off his shirt, Justin Bieber touching his abs half naked – Thanks to the 20-year-old’s new publicity stunt, the Beliebers are now in heaven on earth on their favorite Instagram profile. The “baby” singer is currently displaying four semi-nude photos and a sexy video.

Justin Bieber is a complete man

In addition to numerous hashtags, Justin Bieber lets his abs speak for themselves, which is true that Photoshop might have helped a bit, but which one (s) they might be jealous of as well. Speaking of jealousy: Given her co-star Lara Stone, who (also topless) is allowed to snuggle up against the pop star’s sexy back, one or the other Justin Bieber fan should be spontaneously jealous.

Justin Bieber: Stuffed?

Even more than the question of which blonde beauty can pose with Justin Bieber, viewers of the sexy Calvin Klein campaign are troubled by the question of which is the best Biebs piece: Did or not do things? This question currently divides the Instagram community. The answer to this is probably known only to Justin Bieber himself, and perhaps his ex Selena Gomez, who has often been in close contact with the new Calvin Klein model. Thanks to the 15-second video clip that Justin Bieber posted on Instagram, finally we too can get close to the naked Biebs …

Check out the Justin Bieber commercial HERE!

Hot or not? If you like well toned abs and sassy tattoos, definitely hot! And let’s be honest: who doesn’t dream of a hot tête-à-tête with a Calvin Klein underwear model?

Image Sources: Instagram / Justin Bieber