Justin Bieber se baja los pantalones

Justin Bieber pulls his pants down

Justin Bieber pulls his pants down

Because of Selena?

wantedon 01/30/2015 | 16:57

With his emotional soul striptease in the American talk format “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, Justin Bieber surprised not only the presenter Ellen DeGeneres, but also his millions of loyal fans. But above all, in the interest of a very specific person, the pop scandal star wanted to promise that he would get better. What does Selena Gomez think of her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber’s confession of life?

Justin Bieber waited too long

It is never too late for sincere regret! Apparently that was also written on Justin Bieber’s lapel when he was recently invited to the Ellen DeGeneres talk show. While the 20-year-old publicly apologized for his misconduct in 2014, his appearance left a deep mark on Justin Bieber himself. In a very emotional statement on Facebook, Justin Bieber assured his fans that he does not care what the public thinks of him.!

Justin Bieber: do you forgive for Selena Gomez?

I was really nervous because I was afraid of what people would think of me.“So the great words of Justin Bieber in his fan message. “HollywoodLife” is now taking this as an opportunity to speculate on whether Justin Bieber specifically refers to one person by “the people”: his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. “He finally succeeded and wants to change the way Selena has always wanted,” revealed an alleged source to the American celebrity portal. 180 degree turn currently going through Justin Bieber. “Now he’s focused on his work, he’s stopped having crazy parties, but it may be too late and that’s what ruins it.”

Justin Bieber pulls his pants down

And the concern that he was able to pull the cord too late seems totally justified. As “HollywoodLife” reports, Selena Gomez noticed Justin Bieber’s appearance, But the 22-year-old is not sure she can trust her ex again after all the pain she has endured over the past few months because of him.. Selena has mixed feelings about her performance. On the one hand, she’s impressed by his frankness. She feels that Justin is finally taking her advice seriously. But again, firmly believe that Actions speak louder than words. She is not convinced that it has changed. At least not yet, ”he continues.

Justin Bieber: Did he lose Selena Gomez forever?

So while Justin Bieber has to keep waiting for Selena Gomez or at least his fans to forgive him, the relationship between Selena Gomez and her new boyfriend DJ Zedd is getting more serious. Even this year’s Grammys want the 22-year-old and the hit DJ to want to be together. “They go to the Grammys together and Justin is very sad about itThe informant said. How sad Justin Bieber really is, the “Belieber” can get an idea about the profile of his idol shots: Justin Bieber doesn’t hang his head there, but his pants do! Prince Pop seems to have once again forgotten his good intentions. Whether he will attract a potential new girlfriend to earth with this view remains questionable?

It seems that Justin Bieber’s apology comes a little late. The 20-year-old hesitated too much and lost Selena Gomez to another man. But there’s no reason to drop your pants, Justin! Other mothers have beautiful daughters too!

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