Justin Bieber se burla de Orlando Bloom

Justin Bieber teases Orlando Bloom

Justin Bieber teases Orlando Bloom


wantedon 07/31/2014 | 11:10

Yesterday there was a violent discussion between Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom at the Ibiza island party. Apparently, according to eyewitnesses, even the fists should have blown off. Justin Bieber quickly headed home after the solid discussion, but on his Instagram profile he is now letting his anger run wild and exposing the Hollywood star.

The Spanish holiday island of Ibiza is synonymous with sun, beach and lots of parties. For two stars, however, the bastion of the party is becoming the scene of a real showdown: Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom have been living their mutual dislike in public since yesterday morning. After the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor furiously stormed Justin Bieber into a trendy celebrity club and ran away crazily, the reports are changing, anyway.

Justin Bieber takes revenge on Orlando Bloom

Although the online portal “TMZ” published a video of the two fighters, eyewitnesses claim to have even seen how Orlando Bloom tried to attack Justin Bieber. However, the teenage star avoided the confrontation by leaving the club as soon as possible. But now Justin Bieber is getting revenge in his own way.

Justin Bieber publishes photo of Orlando Bloom

Justin Bieber does not appear to be in fights and prefers to use his social media accounts to continue the discussion with Orlando Bloom. On Twitter, the interpreter of “baby” was very carefree and simply published the phrase “Stay positive”. However, it is unclear if the 20-year-old is referring to the Orlando Bloom incident. Justin Bieber, on the other hand, becomes clearer on Instagram: There he posted a photo of his 37-year-old opponent, apparently showing him wiping a tear. It’s still unclear what the argument between the two stars was about. It is currently speculated that Orlando Bloom is angry at Justin Bieber for allegedly flirting violently with his ex-wife Miranda Kerr. Justin Bieber’s photo campaign is not as well received as expected – The interpreter of “Around the World” earns many unpleasant comments for the photo on Instagram.Justin Bieber is not exactly popular. Many Instagram users find Orlando Bloom’s photo tacky and funky. Justin Bieber is doing himself a disservice by taking up the incident even more. I better put the story to rest.

Image Source 1: Getty Images / Ari Perilstein