Justin Bieber: así quiere recuperar a Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber: this is how he wants to get Selena Gomez back

Justin Bieber: this is how he wants to get Selena Gomez back

Hard weapons

wantedon 10/30/2014 | 10:56

Justin Bieber has already tried hard to win back his beloved Selena Gomez, but the charming beauty continues to turn her back on her ex-girlfriend. Can one last attempt change the 22-year-old’s opinion?

Justin Bieber still fighting

She has already tried a sexy photo in the bathtub, even in a bathrobe she has presented herself to her seemingly unattainable lover and has even followed her mother’s advice, but Nothing Justin Bieber is currently doing to get Selena Gomez back looks like it’s going to pay off. Now, however, the young bully is taking a step back from such offensive measures and subtly testing it out. With an image showing him surrounded by so-called orphans, Justin Bieber apparently wants to appeal to his ex’s heart.

Justin Bieber has a plan

“That really means something,” Justin Bieber said in the snapshot that shows him working for the charity “Pencils of Promise,” for which he has long been campaigning. No more offensive sexy photos, now is the time to get to the heart! The fact that Selena Gomez was unimpressed by her previous attempts seems to have forced Justin Bieber to rethink.

Justin Bieber shows heart

Because his target is apparently still set, a suspected insider is safe: “Justin really wants to have her as a friend again for Christmas.And the anonymous source from Justin Bieber’s environment told Us Weekly: “He is absolutely obsessed with the idea of ​​getting back with her and will do whatever it takes to achieve it.”

If Justin Bieber has something on his mind, he wants to implement it too! Now the Canadian singer is firing heavy weapons in the fight for his beloved Selena Gomez. Little by little, we are no longer looking, but we are still curious to know what Justin Bieber will come up with to get his ex back.Image Source: Kevin Winter / Getty Images / Instagram / JustinBieber