Justin Bieber estuvo nuevamente involucrado en un accidente automovilístico

Justin Bieber was again involved in a car accident

Justin Bieber was again involved in a car accident


wantedthe 27/08/2014 | 13:11

Justin Bieber likes to drive fast cars, but unfortunately sophisticated sprinters are often his downfall. The swarm of 20-year-old teens were again involved in a car accident yesterday. Fortunately, nothing happened to him. Justin Bieber ventured his ire on Twitter anyway.

Justin Bieber is said to have been driving his Ferrari in West Hollywood yesterday, according to a TMZ report, when there was an ugly incident with a paparazzi. Thus, the photographer stuck to the heels of the teenage star and, presumably hoping for a good snapshot, went in hot pursuit. When the “baby” performer spotted the nosy paparazzo, he is said to have hit the brakes: the photographer apparently couldn’t evade anymore and got into Justin Bieber’s car.

Justin Bieber complains about paparazzi

That said, the Justin Bieber incident was supposedly not over – Selena Gomez’s on-and-off friend ventured his ire on Twitter. So he wrote: “There should be laws for what I just experienced. We should have learned something from the death of Princess Diana. “ Does Justin Bieber compare to “England’s Rose,” whose death shook millions of people?

Justin Bieber is angry at the behavior of many photographers

Justin Bieber risked a somewhat daring comparison in the eyes of many fans with his tweet. After all, he was the one who, according to “TMZ,” deliberately hit the brakes. Additionally, the 20-year-old has already been sentenced by a court for illegal car racing and driving without a license. Princess Diana also suffered constant persecution from the paparazzi which ultimately led to her death. But she got into this situation through no fault of her own. Apparently a short time later, Justin Bieber also realized that he had exaggerated something and added something to his tweet: “I have no problem with the paparazzi, but they are inconsiderate, they put us all in danger.” His fans view him similarly and are happy that their idol is doing well despite the incident.Does Justin Bieber make LA traffic dangerous or is the paparazzo to blame? In any case, it was not the first time that the teenage star had found himself in such a situation: the swarm of teenagers was often involved in rear-end collisions. Their driving style may not be entirely innocent, but the paparazzi also put other road users at risk in their chases. Justin Bieber is not entirely wrong about this.

Image Source: Getty Images / Ari Perilstein