Justin Bieber: ¿Su fe lo reunirá con Selena Gomez?

Justin Bieber: Will Your Faith Reunite You With Selena Gomez?

Justin Bieber: Will Your Faith Reunite You With Selena Gomez?


wantedon 05/28/2015 | 17:04

After Justin Bieber publicly distanced himself from his scandals and scandals of the past and solemnly vowed to improve, he goes to church at Hillsong Church with increasing frequency. But what if the 21-year-old really wants the desired change from the self-proclaimed bad boy to the pious, cuddly singer? Coincidentally, his ex Selena Gomez also regularly visits the same place of worship: Does Justin Bieber point to a Jelena reunion?

Justin Bieber discovered the Bible for himself

After their dramatic breakups, the last word between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez has yet to be said. At first it seemed that the two stars were getting along: the pretty brunette found a new partner in DJ Zedd and Justin Bieber was not dissuaded from her proven flirting course. But the “baby” performer and his ex didn’t seem to have broken up with each other so easily.

According to “HollywoodLife,” the scandal singer and the 22-year-old have been dating again since the “Biebs” birthday party. At the time, Justin Bieber rented his own island for the mega-break so he could celebrate exclusively and quietly with his clique. Everything must have been so secret that not even the press found out about Jelena’s supposed meeting.

Justin Bieber quotes the Bible

Justin Bieber is said to have cleverly organized the dates after the birthday party: By going to church regularly, he met Selena Gomez over and over again and thus became close to his ex again. So is there nothing at all in your inner change? Did Justin Bieber not find God at all, as he repeatedly claims? On Instagram, the singer continues to cultivate the image of the prodigal son who has returned to the right path.

In his last photo, the 21-year-old reads the Bible in depth and quotes Psalm 43: “Judge me, God, and direct my cause against the wicked people, and deliver me from false and wicked people.“Will God hear it?

According to the psalm, Justin Bieber still blames other people for his mistakes in recent years; the knowledge that he was also involved in them has probably not yet been discovered in Scripture. In any case, the number seems to be pulling with his ex or girlfriend over and over again Selena Gomez.

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