¡Justin está llorando!

Justin is crying!

Justin is crying!

+++ Update +++

Now the website reported Gossipy copthat Justin cried from overwhelming. “He worked really hard, not just on acting, but on himself as well.” you can read there. “He didn’t know how people were going to react to him. When he saw the audience rise to the applause, he was overwhelmed. “ Understandably, he had stage fright, because Jus was booed at his last awards show. He makes it nice and maybe he cried a little bit for Selena anyway. Maybe! 😉

+++ What happened? +++

Justin perfected the medley at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. “What do you mean“Y “Where are you now” the first time live. Especially “What do you mean” it’s super emotional and it’s a difficult relationship: “I don’t know if you are happy or are you complaining. I don’t want us to end where do I start “.

Their performance was a success and even garnered a standing ovation. But Justin suddenly becomes very still, blushing and covering his face with his hands. Then he begins to cry uncontrollably. What’s the matter with him?

Miley immediately realizes something is wrong and moderates her appearance with you “Wow. Okayy. Wooow! ” since. Justin can barely calm down and has to get down on his knees while crying. Were you overwhelmed by your ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, or did you underestimate acting after so long in front of such a large audience? Selena doesn’t seem to be particularly interested in her ex-boyfriend’s appearance. As he howls on stage, Sel is said to be chatting on his cell phone, if you believe different tweets. Other fans claim that Selena was backstage during her performance. Wherever she was, the situation is definitely not easy for her!