Justin Timberlake: su familia espera con ansias el bebé

Justin Timberlake: his family is looking forward to the baby

Justin Timberlake: his family is looking forward to the baby

Girl or boy?

wantedthe 08/01/2015 | 10:46

To date, there has been no official statement regarding Jessica Biel’s pregnancy, but rumors are growing that Justin Timberlake will soon be a first-time dad. The future grandmother should also be delighted.

Jessica Biel is said to be in her fifth month already, but so far neither mom-to-be nor dad-to-be Justin Timberlake has commented on the sweet speculations. As quiet as they are, their surroundings appear to be chatty.

Justin Timberlake: his mom is looking forward to the baby

More and more voices chatter about the possible blessing of the baby in the house of Justin Timberlake / Jessica Biel. Now an insider wants to know that artist R’n’B’s mother too I can’t wait to finally become a grandmother.

Justin Timberlake: When will you finally get a statement?

“Justin’s mother is eager to have the baby,” the supposedly well-informed revealed to “E! News “. We have not seen Justin Timberlake’s wife for a long time, the latest recordings did not show an obvious bulge, but the middle of the body seemed clearly more round. a sign that Jessica Biel is expecting a baby? Connoisseurs are sure of it! They also want to know how Justin Timberlake and the future mom are doing. “It feels really good!” The informant spoke with “E! News ”continues. Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel had never kept a secret that they wanted a baby. Consequently, it’s not just Justin’s mom who should be happy when it should finally have worked.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have largely withdrawn from the public eye. That, of course, could suggest that the actress is pregnant. We wish you both very much, after all you’ve tried long enough now it must have finally worked!

Image Credit: Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon