Justin Timberlake muestra destellos privados de su vida

Justin Timberlake shows private glimpses of his life

Justin Timberlake shows private glimpses of his life


wantedon October 15, 2014 | 12:14

Megastar Justin Timberlake doesn’t reveal much about his life and his wife Jessica Biel doesn’t usually reveal anything private either. But now Justin Timberlake shows on his Instagram profile that he and his Jessica use and enjoy every moment of bonding.

Justin Timberlake in public

Not many celebrities manage to keep their personal lives out of the press as well as Justin Timberlake. He has been one of the absolute superstars in the music industry since the beginning of his career and since he married Jessica Biel two years ago, intimate insights into his private sphere have been in more demand than ever. But Justin Timberlake is also so successful because he only allows the public to communicate with him when it comes to his work.

There were repeated rumors that Justin Timberlake wanted to end the relationship with Jessica Biel. However, a statement from the couple never followed, which kept speculation about the love story on and off. Recently it was even said that Jessica Biel was pregnant, but here too there was only radio silence from the couple. Justin Timberlake doesn’t share every private moment with the masses, instead he just gives fans a bit of information every now and then, like now on his Instagram profile.

Justin Timberlake shares a moment of calm

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

In addition, or precisely because the joint photos of Justin Timberlake and his wife Jessica Biel are very rare, the singer and actor has now published a photo in which you can see them both on the New Zealand coast. It only shows the couple from behind, but there is no doubt that it is Justin Timberlake who puts his arm around his wife and enjoys a bonding moment. The star wrote the following lines on the image: “Life goes by very fast. If you don’t stop and look around for a while, you could get lost. “

Justin Timberlake is a veteran of the entertainment world and knows very well what to do not to be forgotten. But he uses private photos skillfully and doesn’t present himself to the world at every opportunity, which makes it even more enjoyable!

Image Sources: Image 1: Getty Images / Jason Merritt Image 2: Instagram / Justin Timberlake