El cantante de K-pop Jonghyun se suicidó a la edad de 27 años

K-pop singer Jonghyun committed suicide at the age of 27

Particularly tragic: Supposedly, Jonghyun’s sister is said to have only called the police shortly before because she was afraid her brother might get hurt Jonghyun is supposed to give him before his death ambiguous text messages with the words “Goodbye forever” Y “I’m in trouble” informs seventeen.com. However, the police did not take Jonghyun’s sister’s call seriously and came for the SHINee singer all rescue too late!

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Fans mourn the loss of SHINee singers Jonghyun

Jonghyun’s sudden death surprises all K-pop fans, after all, the singer has often been referred to as the “Prince of K-Pop.” The five-member boy band SHINee from South Korea was founded in 2008 and is particularly popular in K-Pop circles. Jonghyun’s band management stated in a official press release the singer’s suicide: “We are sorry to bring such tragic and heartbreaking news… On December 18, SHINee’s Jonghyun suddenly left us. […] We are all filled with great sadness and shock. ”