Kaley Cuoco: ¿está embarazada?

Kaley Cuoco: are you pregnant?

Kaley Cuoco: are you pregnant?

Baby rumors

wantedon 12/24/2014 | 09:51

After Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting’s whirlwind wedding, everyone hoped there would be offspring as soon as possible. So far, however, nothing! But the “Big Bang Theory” star’s fanbase may soon be happy with the cute baby photos: Kaley Cuoco is supposedly pregnant.

It’s no secret that Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting were in a rush to get married; After only half a year of knowing each other, the comedy star and professional tennis player went down the aisle on New Year’s Eve last year. With this swift decision, many expected that Kaley Cuoco was certainly pregnant by now. – but, contrary to expectations, it has not yet happened.

Kaley Cuoco finally wants to become a mom

Even if the 29-year-old tennis ace and actress want to have children, their dream has yet to come true. Until now! According to “Gala” it should Meanwhile, Kaley Cuoco wears a small belly in front of her. Didn’t the pretty blonde with the delicious Christmas temptations say it very well? No, because there is another clue.Kaley Cuoco caught shopping

Kaley Cuoco and her mother were recently caught shopping by a paparazzo. However, it was not just an ordinary shopping tour: The 29-year-old searched for baby clothes in peace! Of course, the suspicion is even closer that Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting will soon be three years old. Also in an interview with “E! News “the” Big Bang Theory “actress once said of her desire to have children: “We can hardly wait.” So it doesn’t seem like it takes long!Kaley Cuoco as mom? A good idea, after all, the pretty blonde is delighted with her husband and he is also an absolutely cheerful person. We would definitely expect a lot of cute baby photos on your Instagram profile. So we agree: even her fanbase can’t wait for Kaley Cuoco to finally have kids!

Image Source: Getty Images / Frazer Harrison