Kaley Cuoco: ¿Ella regaló su cabello?

Kaley Cuoco: Did she give away her hair?

Hair addict

wantedthe 02/02/2015 | 15:33

Is hair a women’s issue? Not in Kaley Cuoco’s relationship, because here the man definitely has hair on his head. Does Kaley Cuoco’s husband long to caress his wife’s long mane?

Kaley Cuoco has found her style

Many women would give anything for a blonde mane like Kaley Cuoco. The “Big Bang Theory” actress became known for her long hair and it just melted the gentlemen. But Kaley Cuoco needed a change and that’s why she separated her hair from her image of the naive blonde. The new look was very well received by fans, but her husband seems to have a little problem with his wife’s short haircut.

Ryan Sweeting doesn’t find his Kaley Cuoco pretty or feminine enough? That is very doubtful, because the actress is femininity in person. However, the tennis player seems to miss long hair and since Kaley Cuoco feels at home with her new look, she grows her hair out, as an Instagram photo now shows. The 29-year-old can’t help but joke about her lover’s head …

Kaley Cuoco stages her husband

Kaley Cuoco likes her husband’s look

For the latest Instagram snapshot of Kaley Cuoco, Ryan didn’t have to leave her hair behind, but rather her shirt. Placed in profile on the bed, the tennis star could almost pass as an underwear model, but Kaley Cuoco might have something to object to, who would definitely want her husband to be alone. Still, he can’t help but joke about the new look of his beloved, whose hair has taken on a considerable length. With the hashtags # seinhaaristlängeralsmeins and # ernahmsichmeinehaarbänder, she makes it clear that the new hairstyle takes some getting used to, but as it should be for a good wife, she always finds her husband attractive: “I have been obsessed with these # man knots since my husband has perfected his. Kaley Cuoco adds to her post and she certainly has a lot of heart in her eyes.

With Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting, it doesn’t seem possible without long hair. Since Kaley Cuoco doesn’t cry a tear over her hair, her husband had to skip a hair salon visit or another to win over his wife with a whole new look. So the relationship will definitely not be boring!

Image Source 1: Getty Images / Frazer Harrison Image Source 2: Instagram / normancook