Kaley Cuoco: sus fotos de desnudos también son perseguidas por Internet

Kaley Cuoco: her nude photos are also haunted by the Internet

Kaley Cuoco: her nude photos are also haunted by the Internet

Hacker crash

wantedthe 01/09/2014 | 17:32

Probably, not only Jennifer Lawrence has suffered a tremendous impact in the last hours, Kaley Cuoco has also been affected by a hacker attack and has to put up with the fact that nude photos that were stored on her cell phone circulate on the Internet.

Hollywood is currently in shock! Besides Jennifer Lawrence, other stars are also affected by the attack by hackers. Kaley Cuoco is also on the list and has to put up with the exposure. A hacker was also able to access her cell phone and posted private photos of the nude actress on the internet.

Kaley Cuoco was also the victim of a hacker attack

“HollywoodGossip” reports that these images of Kaley Cuoco and Co. would have spread very quickly through the platforms “Reddit” and “4Chan”. Kaley Cuoco can be seen in multiple images and at least one video, it is said.

Kaley Cuoco has not commented yet

Above all, the topless photos and hot Dessousshots of Kaley Cuoco and Co. would have been among the photos that should never have been made public. Jennifer Lawrence’s spokesperson had quickly announced that she would take legal action against all those who would be involved in the spread. Kaley Cuoco has apparently not made a statement about the racy and embarrassing recordings. It remains to be seen which famous women will have to fear that they will soon be naked on the Internet. The hacker is said to have announced that in addition to the already released recordings of Kaley Cuoco, Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande and Kate Upton, he has other images and even movies.

Words can hardly express how much we feel for Kaley Cuoco, Jennifer Lawrence and company. You really don’t want to see such embarrassing recordings in public. We hope that hackers can be arrested as soon as possible.Image Credit: Jason Merritt / Getty Images