Kaley Cuoco está en un frenesí de bebés

Kaley Cuoco is on a baby frenzy

Kaley Cuoco is on a baby frenzy

Baby alarm

wantedon December 18, 2014 | 16:49

Someone must have tasted the blood: In an Instagram post, Kaley Cuoco is shown with a cute baby and can’t get the smile off her face. Since the wedding with her husband, it is said that Kaley Cuoco wanted to have her own baby. When will your dream of having a child finally come true?

Kaley Cuoco has a big wish

The baby boom in Hollywood just isn’t waning. After several women announced their pregnancy this year and many cute faces saw the light of day, Kaley Cuoco now apparently wants to be a part of the mothers club. Since her wedding to tennis player Ryan Sweeting, it is said that the “Big Bang Theory” actress wanted to have her own offspring in her arms. Is Kaley Cuoco finally expecting her first child?

Nothing, because so far the “Penny” actress hasn’t had a belly yet. However, Kaley Cuoco insists on training for an emergency and quickly grabs the offspring of her makeup artist Jamie Greenberg. If we didn’t know better, you could almost think that Kaley Cuoco is hugging her own son on Instagram, because she already masters a mother’s facial expressions to perfection.

Kaley Cuoco makes faces

Kaley Cuoco is born mom

If Kaley Cuoco isn’t allowed to be a mom, at least she’s a proud “aunt” now, because in this role, the 29-year-old is sure to give little Simon a chocolate or two in the future. With the child in her arms, Kaley Cuoco also practices for situations that can cause facial features to fade, because diapers don’t fill without consequences (of smell). The sweet photoshoot was obviously not only a lot of fun, but it also made Kaley Cuoco shine in a completely different role – she can be more than just “Penny.”

Kaley Cuoco seems to really like her role as mother, because she and little Simon could easily pass as a mother-son team. It seems like a while before Kaley Cuoco can hold her own offspring in her arms, but until then she’ll be happy to step in as her makeup artist’s babysitter.

Source of Image 1: Getty Images / Christopher Polk Source of Image 2: Instagram / normancook