Kaley Cuoco mira profundo

Kaley Cuoco looks deep

Kaley Cuoco looks deep

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wantedthe 04/16/2014 | 14:55

What do stars really have when they go to a new movie premiere? The answer is provided by “Big Bang Theory” star Kaley Cuoco, who provided insight with her see-through bag.

Things seem to be going pretty well for Kaley Cuoco! The newlywed “Big Bang Theory” star can’t just complain privately, things are moving forward at work too. And Kaley Cuoco has the necessary change in her pocket, too! She shows that at least according to “E! Online ”with the transparent plexiglass bag that led to the premiere of the movie“ Authors Anonymous ”.

Kaley Cuoco shows what she has

Despite a high-necked Peter Pan collar blouse, Kaley Cuoco gave her fans a deep insight into her purse. His plexiglass tote bag showed what a series star should have with him at a movie premiere: A couple of twenty dollar bills, an ID, a pink lip gloss, and the iPhone.Kaley Cuoco has nothing to hide

Even if Kaley Cuoco probably didn’t need a lot of cash at the premiere of the new movie “Authors Anonymous,” her see-through accessory didn’t seem to flaunt, on the contrary, it was pretty normal. “I have nothing to hide,” the “Big Bang Theory” star seems to mean. Vince Camuto’s bag matches perfectly with the spring outfit that Kaley Cuoco had chosen for opening night: calm, youthful and slightly ironic. Her hair was down and her toenails were bright orange red with the lace-patterned shorts and beige shirt. Kaley Cuoco came with her sister Briana and showed with her belongings that she was well prepared for the after-show party.

Pretty normal and a little crazy: this is how the “Big Bang Theory” star usually presents herself. With the transparent clutch at the premiere of “Authors Anonymous”, Kaley Cuoco once again showed that she has nothing to hide. And incidentally, reveal the secret of what the stars carry with them in their tiny bags on the red carpet.

Image source: gettyimages / Araya Diaz