Kaley Cuoco hace feliz a un fan

Kaley Cuoco makes a fan happy

Kaley Cuoco makes a fan happy

Big heart

wantedthe 05/07/2015 | 11:37

Kaley Cuoco is not only the star of “The Big Bang Theory,” but also the queen of many hearts. Girls around the world are emulating the beauty of Hollywood and want to meet their idol in person. For a very special fan, Kaley Cuoco has now made this dream come true.

Kaley Cuoco has been a staple of Hollywood celebrities for years, but it seems like she only recently made it to the A-League. With the cult series “The Big Bang Theory” he made a name that is known all over the world, and many fans dream of having the opportunity to meet Kaley Cuoco only once in their life. For most of them, however, this remains a wish that will never come true, because after all, all the media is struggling to speak to the pretty blonde, leaving little time for contact with fans.

Kaley Cuoco does everything for her fans

For very special people, however, Kaley Cuoco makes an exception and leaves everything behind to make the dream of meeting the star of the series come true. One of these lucky people is now little Nicole, for whom “The Big Bang Theory” is more than a sitcom. The 13-year-old is seriously ill, but when Kaley Cuoco appears on the scene, all worries are forgotten for a moment. As “Us Weekly” reports, therefore, it was not in dispute for the 29-year-old to fulfill her greatest wish and get in touch with her.

Kaley Cuoco passes by at night

Nikki Lund, a friend of the “The Big Bang Theory” star, heard about Nicole’s story and immediately told Kaley Cuoco: “When I contacted her, she immediately said, ‘Of course, I will do my best to help her. to help, ‘”the designer informed” Us Weekly. ” Through FaceTime, Kaley Cuoco established a connection with her fan and in this way gave her, at least for a short time, a moment of joy. In order not to miss a chance to put a smile on Nicole’s face, the “Penny” actress even got up in the middle of the night and made sure a seriously ill girl’s greatest wish was fulfilled. Just great!

Cheers to technology! Thanks to technical possibilities and her friend Nikki Lund, it was possible for Kaley Cuoco to make a fan happy and create an unforgettable moment. Anyone who even neglects their dream to fulfill their greatest wish for a sick girl definitely has a big heart, and Kaley Cuoco has certainly won some fans with this campaign.

Image Source: Getty Images / Jason Kempin