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Kaley Cuoco processes her breakup

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Anne Lüftneron 09/27/2015 | 11:54

It was the surprise news of the weekend: Kaley Cuoco divorces her husband and what does a woman do to prevent love sickness from having a chance? Well, she is into her favorite hobby and even a little shopping trip can’t hurt.

Ever since “The Big Bang Theory” hit like a bomb a few years ago, Kaley Cuoco has been one of the most well-known, sought-after and popular faces on television. Both in the United States and in this country, the beautiful blonde is the icon of many fans and until now it seemed that the television star could not be better. The race is going like clockwork and Amor has been kind to the California native. In 2013, the wedding bells rang for her and Ryan Sweeting and despite recurring rumors of the crisis, no one believed that this dream couple would go their separate ways.

But yesterday, “People” magazine announced that the tennis star and the beauty have fallen out and that Kaley Cuoco is a freshly baked single. Is it because of the previously unfulfilled desire to have children at the age of 29 or was lack of time the decisive reason for ending the romance? We don’t know, but it seems this lovely dog ​​lover doesn’t like burying her head in the sand.

She runs away to her horses and another passion is to comfort Kaley Cuoco these days for the pain of separation.

Shopping puts a smile on Kaley Cuoco’s face

Women have our own means to deal with difficult situations and since Kaley Cuoco parted ways with her long whale mane a few months ago, there is only one thing left: shopping!

Her friend Lindsey Albanese has come up with her own bag collection and of course the “Big Bang Theory” star can’t help but take a look at the cool bags. You can always rely on the beautiful accessories.

We are glad that Kaley Cuoco is not put down and that it seems she has not lost her joy. It certainly looks a little different in her heart, but with the help of her friends and a visit to the horse stable or two, the blonde will hopefully quickly forget her pain.

Image Sources: GettyImages / Frazer Harrison (teaser image), Instagram / normancook