Kaley Cuoco pasó el Boxing Day en el hospital

Kaley Cuoco spent Boxing Day in the hospital

At the hospital

wantedon December 27, 2014 | 16:30

Instead of filling her stomach with delicious food and unwrapping gifts for her loved ones at Christmas, Kaley Cuoco had to stay in bed in the hospital. Do we have to worry about the 29-year-old?

Kaley Cuoco and her husband Ryan Sweeting were looking forward to Christmas. On the “Big Bang Theory” star’s Instagram account, fans were able to follow how she, her husband, and their dogs spent Christmas Day. The sweets felt particularly comfortable on a large white plush fur in front of two Christmas trees. But Kaley Cuoco spent the second vacation in a less welcoming place: the hospital.

Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting cuddling in the hospital bed

“I just had sinus surgery behind me and the first thing I see is my man angel, he is here. Always. He takes great care of me. I love my turnip. It’s just perfect. ” Kaley Cuoco writes this sweet message of love in a black and white photo that shows her and her husband Ryan Sweeting cuddling head-to-head on the 29-year-old’s sickbed. Kaley Cuoco still looks a bit battered: A plaster is holding a tube sticking out of her nose. It is not yet clear if the nose job was a planned procedure or if you experienced sudden symptoms.

Kaley Cuoco always has her husband by her side

The actress’s affectionate post on Instagram proves once again that Kaley Cuoco has found her great love in Ryan Sweeting. The two are rarely seen without the other – pregnancy rumors are currently circulating. Perhaps Kaley Cuoco and her husband of gods have good news to announce on their first wedding anniversary on New Years Eve. By then, the “Penny” actress should be out of the hospital.

We are so excited for Kaley Cuoco that she and Ryan Sweeting are so happy. The two of them seem to be very supportive and always there for each other. A baby would make the happiness of your love perfect. Unfortunately, there is still no confirmation of the pregnancy rumors.

Image Source: Instagram / normancook