Kaley Cuoco: La rubia estúpida es tu papel estrella

Kaley Cuoco: The stupid blonde is your star role

Kaley Cuoco: The stupid blonde is your star role

Naive and stupid

wantedon October 07, 2014 | 11:43

The role of the naive Penny not only helped her advance, but also made Kaley Cuoco worth millions. No wonder blonde is this favorite role!

While other women would defend themselves from the incarnation of such a woman, Kaley Cuoco celebrates her role as naive and stupid blonde Penny on the cult series “Big Bang Theory” frankly. It’s no wonder, after all, that she’s known worldwide as Penny and has become extremely wealthy.

Kaley Cuoco loves the penny

But Kaley Cuoco also has no problem with Penny’s stupid investmentHere’s what the wife of former tennis star Ryan Sweeting said in an interview with Women’s Health magazine, whose cover she also honors.

Kaley Cuoco is still the penny

According to Kaley Cuoco, she has liked the role so much that she could well imagine filming a few more seasons. “If I have to, I play naive naive until the end of my life. It’s good that I can do it and the work is a lot of fun.“It’s always good for her wallet that Kaley Cuoco has found herself so good in the role of Penny, after all, she makes millions with it – a million dollars per episode to be exact!

Kaley Cuoco does not take herself too seriously and the discussion about what image of a woman she embodies in public. This is not only refreshing and enjoyable, but most of all lucrative for you! Play naive stupid once in a while, we could too! And I would love to get a million dollars for it!

Image Source: Christopher Polk / Getty Images