Kanye West como profesor invitado en Los Ángeles

Kanye West as visiting professor in Los Angeles

Kanye West as visiting professor in Los Angeles

Guest professor

wantedon 09/25/2014 | 11:18

But there was a big surprise when Kanye West suddenly walked into a conference at Los Angeles Technical University. The 37-year-old took the opportunity to tell the students about his family and his success. But she couldn’t beat him modestly …

Students were shocked when hip-hop star Kanye West walked into the Los Angeles Technical University lecture hall. At lunchtime, the 37-year-old surprisingly attended a graphic design conference. One of the students reported to “MTV News”: “I walked into my classroom and just as we were finishing up our presentations, suddenly Kanye West walked through the door.”

Kanye West talks to students about private matters

The rapper probably managed the surprise. According to “Ampya,” the rest of the students are said to have pulled out their cell phones in an instant to photograph Kim Kardashian’s husband. After the paparazzi-like attack, Kanye West also started a conference in which he told the 250 people present a lot of private information about himself.Kanye West delivers a court-ordered speech

According to “Ampya”, Kanye West was celebrated as a guest speaker, but his commitment was not entirely voluntary. For a beating attack on a photographer about six months ago, the 37-year-old was ordered to appear as a guest speaker as a volunteer. This compromise is certainly not a drawback for Kanye West. According to the celebrity portal, he used the day before to talk about wealth, rappers Tupac and Ice Cube and his grandfather. His personal success was also one of his themes. When one of the students asked if he was listening to music by other artists, the audience got an interesting response: Kanye West likes his own music betterAfter all, according to his own statements, he is still the best artist in the music business.

Kanye West must have caused a great astonishment when he unexpectedly attended the conference in Los Angeles. But not only his presence, his comments also made us smile. A little more modesty certainly wouldn’t hurt her fame. Image Source: Getty Images / Brad Barket