Kanye West: carcasa dura, núcleo blando

Kanye West: hard shell, soft core

Kanye West: hard shell, soft core

Difficult? Are you kidding? Are you serious when you say that?

wantedon December 8, 2014 | 11:38

Always a grim look, always in control of everything, and almost commanding characteristics – Kanye West seems like the tough bully. Now his half brother reveals what it is that really makes the rapper tick.

In public, Kanye West often seems unfriendly, hardly ever smiling, and playing the tough guy. It was recently rumored that the 37-year-old wanted to control his wife Kim Kardashian, shape her career, and pressure her to always look perfect. The gorgeous brunette is said to even want to divorce Kanye West over this, but is there really something behind it? Kanye West’s half-brother now speaks of the tough rapper in very unfamiliar tones.

Kanye West is really a warm person

“Kanye is a really funny person who always makes everyone else laugh”Said Hal Carmichael, Kanye West’s half-brother, to the British magazine “Heat.” “He’s never really in a bad mood,” he revealed. Carmichael doesn’t deny that Kanye West has a tendency toward perfectionism. His half brother dreamed of becoming a star at a young age and has always been ambitious. A really positive quality, which the press interprets as a mania for control and exaggerates it.

Kanye West loves Kim Kardashian more than anything“He has always attached great importance to his appearance. He never left home without looking perfect “Carmichael continued. But Kanye West’s perfectionism doesn’t change the rapper’s feelings for his love, Kim Kardashian. “Kim is down to earth,” says Kanye West’s half-brother. “Kanye loves her very much and makes him very sad when people talk bad about her”, continues to report. It seems that the tough rapper is a real softie!

Kanye West can imitate the tough rapper in public, but he should look completely different behind the scenes, as his half brother has revealed. Kanye West is the perfect proof of the well-known saying: hard shell, soft core.

Image Source: Photo by Rob Kim / Getty Images